She wanders back in time to days
When laze for days she could
A well deserv-ed hi-a-tus
Time out from what’s routine

Time out then was indeed time out
No TV, mobile phones
No e-mails trailing you
To say what have you been up to?

”I’d better run,” I hear her say
A stitch in time saves nine
I’d better fly before I snap
My sanity, in tact.

Dream Getaway







My dream getaway
Would get me away
From dayless days
And nightless nights

My coveted escape
The anti-metropolis
Will lead as if on wings
To nature’s hexagonal springs

And if I get this chance
To heal of my metropolisytis
I will have made away
With a small happiness in my pouch

And if I from then
Desire to stay away
You’d know then that
I did indeed get my dream getaway