About Me

Just living my life

And wanting to be me

And praying that you’ll let me

Just by being the best you can be

I am a wife and mother of two cute lads. I am concerned about social issues but am not a social reformer. I just love to get people thinking along fresh lines, because I believe that there has to be a  better way.  I am interested in the family – the nucleus from which all communities spring – and how we can preserve its sanctity. I do not discuss politics.

35 responses to “About Me

  1. Lol @ I do not discuss politics….the peace here totally typifies you…a literary zen that welcomes one like a hearth of cracking logs and roaring fire after being trounced by the snowy storms of life…do not forget the hot choco…so like you……

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  2. Lol, I love the matter of fact way you talked about yourself. And that last line? Like a like a final confirmation, stamp of authority, don’t try raising that topic here… you will meet a brick wall. Lol. Nice to ‘not’ meet you.

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      • im a zika too. love the name. love your humor. live in iowa. don’t love winter ice. adore the snow. politics are a nono. it’s all about perception, shades of grey. life is not black and white. most of us change with time and an open heart and mind. thank you for being there…any where. it matters. you matter.

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        • Aw, thanks sweetie. Really nice of you to look in here at my little corner. I live in Lagos, where the weather is a lot warmer than in the States but I love it anyways. You’re right, we are the product of our experiences, so it helps to approach things with an open mind and heart. Again, thanks for looking in here. Hope you stick around for longer 🙂


    • Hi Yayo, thank you. So kind of you to have nominated me for the Liebster Award. Guess I’ll have to pay it forward. Hmmm, you’ll get my nominations soon.
      Thanks again and have a wonderful day.


  3. Hi Zika! How lovely to meet you here in your own space! Thank you so much for your lovely compliments and for your follow-ship – I never, ever take such things for granted. There is HUGE talent out here in the blogosphere… the fact anybody reads me is still a miracle. I love your gravatar photo, by the way! Looks old school classic… very, very lovely! I am off now to browse through your catalog… 🙂 xx Mother Hen

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  4. Very well said: concerned about social issues but not a social reformer. This makes me feel less guilty for not being socially active, as I still care about what happens around me. It is an interesting blog you have (came across it through Blogging 101). I will be your new follower now, and I do hope to find a new follower in you. Happy writing!


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