One Night And What You Wish – 2

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Toun Salami hissed, as she paced around the room in anger. The young man who handed her the tape and who she had earlier employed to bug the house, was trying in vain to calm her down.

“Take it easy, madam. Things like this happen. You just have to take it easy, okay?”

“Mtscheww! How could he? How could they?”

She hadn’t bargained for this at all. The other day when she had invited the technician to come bug the house, after everyone had gone out, her sole purpose was to spy on Idara and hopefully chance on her conversations with whoever was responsible for her pregnancy, seeing that she had refused to open up on his identity. But nothing prepared her for this betrayal.

For the first time in her life, she felt alone, lost and completely clueless about her life – her husband, who had stooped so low to tow the line of adultery, their only son, who had sunk so deep into crass brazenness, even blackmailing his father at the expense of his mother; and the housemaid she had literally picked up from the gutters, who thought of no other way to return the goodness than to magnanimously click the ‘share’ button of her lustful tendencies on her own husband’s wall!. Whatever happened to family? Whatever happened to love, devotion, gratitude and one good turn deserving another? She fell on her knees and broke down in tears.

“Haba Madam, take it easy now, ehn. You have to approach this matter with a calm mind. Here, take a sit.” The technician pulled a chair close for her and helped her up. She gratefully accepted his gesture. Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Idara, just coming back from the errand that had been concocted to keep her out of the house long enough to attend to this necessary business.

“I think I’ll take my leave now, madam.”

“Okay. Thank you for the job done. I’ll let you know if I need you again.”

“Yes madam. And don’t worry, I’ll help myself out.”

“Yes, thank you,” Toun accepted graciously, for she was sure that if she went to get the door herself, nothing would keep her from strangling Idara. “And please let the maid in,” she added.

When she left the study a few minutes later, she was  resolute. She would play this game the way they all wanted it. She would take it all with a smile, continue to be the good wife, the doting mother and benevolent lady of the house. The game had only just begun. “Let’s see for how long the bunch of you idiots can hold out,” she muttered.




8 responses to “One Night And What You Wish – 2

  1. Now Zee, this new angle and twist in the tale does tickle pink! Didn’t see it coming at all by several long shots…nuh-uh! And its gotta be so, cause you know how they say, when infidelity goes forth that the wifey’s always the last one to find out! You pulled this right off you did, thumbs up! 👍👍😉

    Can’t be easy happening upon a betrayal of this magnitude from the two people one holds most dearest, but in life; I’ve found that the very ones we love are the same ones who hurt us the most! Its really twisted but its just what it is! Plus, sometimes; love’s nothing more than smokes and mirrors! A little deception may or may not keep affections alive in the long haul! It all depends on the players and circumstances! I just hope in this particular game of wits, the wife will not wind up the biggest loser; as is more often than not the case! Keeping my fingers crossed on that one Zee and holding me breath too! Great going gurl, keep it coming! 😀😊

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