When she can’t be strong for another,
who becomes the rock for her?

Can she find a friend in a heartbeat,
or leave with naught beneath her feet?

Will she be relic of a past milked, forgotten,
stripped of honor, beaten

Or be bathed in mercy, grace, charity,
the cloak of favor and humanity?

Compassion lives, yet she hangs by a thread,
when the flame of love now ceases to be fed.

Tough Love

she tossed and turned
she was missing something
but what?
the night was long already
and the clock didn’t tell
how long before morning

she tossed and turned
in limbo for twenty-seven
she’d be damned
if  she went one extra
without an account
to give her kinsmen

she tossed and turned
over dreams long gone bad
she’d found strange
comfort with sorrow
this could easily be
her tomb unless awakened

she tossed and turned
a pinch might do some good
when she cried in her sleep
salvation lay
in the gracious slap of
a friend’s water and whip

she neither tossed nor turned
her eyes knew better than to close
the hands of a friend
weren’t always gentle
but this last piece of hell
was beaten out of her

or was it?


Hair’s Breath

She almost did not make it
The hair’s breath her messiah

“Just grant me fifty, Lord,” she said
“That I might stay a while with them”

Amen, said He to her prayer
Her healing did not tarry

This woman dear, of Hezekiah’s kin
Would get grace to be merry

Through chance and trial –
A physician’s guess – the most blessed accident

A new lease of life, she chanced on –
Fresh meaning, fresh hope, fresh life.

Closer To Source

Dusk was fast setting in

And I, caught between the wall and a candlelight 

The little lumen cast a silhouette on the barrier

Faint it was but clearly forming


The closer the light came

The larger the umbra

And the converse was also true

Then my consciousness awakened


Dusk wore on

And the Opaque Blanket finally fell

In my strengthened realization

It was obvious, I thought

The closer I am to my Light

The bigger He makes me 

And no matter what I’m up against

This one truth remains eternal – 


The closer I am to The Light

The bolder I am made to be

In myself, I am nothing

In Him, I am everything

The Naked Convos Presents The Writer Competition 2016

Qui s’ intéresse?

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The Writer Competition is an online ‘reality’ writing competition created by TheNakedConvos which has been run for 3 successful editions, where contestants are given a topic or theme to write on each week and you, the public, as well as our judges, assess them and vote to keep the best writers in the game until we have one writer left standing, our winner – The Writer. The online reality aspect of the competition stems from the fact that evictions are done live online via social media platforms. Over the last three editions, we have had great competitions and this year it promises to be more exciting with higher quality writing, more drama and more at stake.

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Homeschooling in Nigeria – A follow Up

Ever since I started my blog in September 2014, my post on homeschooling in Nigeria has been my most read article yet, with it being viewed almost every other day.

Recently I received a mail from a mother who lives in Nigeria and who is homeschooling her son. She wanted to know if I homeschool my children and mentioned that she only knew of one other mother who did. According to her, it was very difficult finding others who are towing this line and I quickly discerned that for her it was an uphill task. Many don’t favor homeschooling in this part of the world.

So I thought it would be a good idea to do something that homeschooling parents in Nigeria might find interesting – a forum to ‘meet’ and share ideas, you know, establish a support system, rub minds, exchange ideas, find solutions and overall, achieve their homeschooling objectives.

If you, or anyone you know, is/are homeschooling their children and would like some form of support from people with like minds, please fill in the form below. The purpose is to keep a record that will be made available only with your consent. I however advise that, as with all personal information provided on the internet, caution should be exercised. Provide only information that you are comfortable with and tread cautiously where someone requests a face-to-face meeting, however laudable the objective.

Thank you.



I had fun

Hello guys. I’d like to say a sincere thank you for reading my musings these past few months. It has been fun doing what I love but of what use would it be if you weren’t here to encourage? So thank YOU all.

To all the featured writers who shared in my 1st blogging anniversary fun, thank you guys, for making it ‘funtastic. You rock plenty.

To everyone who took out the time to read, like and drop off their thoughts in the comments section, THANK YOU for gracing my space with your presence.

I’d be taking a break off the blogosphere for a few weeks. You’ll still see a few scheduled posts but that would be it.

Hope to see y’all when I get back.