20/20 Treasure

rain, rain go…… and wait
come again another May –
a rainbow-bespectacled bride once  cried
how could she know…?

the rain was but a harbinger
storms stirred in impatient cauldrons
dwarfing the weeping clouds
she paid great heed

to her seed she smiles now –
the very mirror of her juvenile naivety –
visibly let down at the clouds gathering
she asks “why today Nana, why?”

“treasure this moment, Solange
as you’d treasure none else
hindsight is 20/20
woulda danced in that rain years ago”

One response to “20/20 Treasure

  1. So, since this post hit, I’ve struggled to make complete sense just what the Narrator’s going on ’bout! The very playful and gleeful lines that’s…’Rain, rain go and wait…’ pretty much fascinates and gives this piece that nursery rhyme-type feel, even with its straight-lacedness….the serious message embedded within from Nana to Grand-daughter! Seriousness and fun hardly mix or go hand in hand but herein; they infact did! That’s real creative Zee, I love it! 😙😁

    Different strokes for different folks I’d say and Nana couldn’t be more correct in her admonition of the ‘woe’ Solange’s moaning ’bout! Perhaps Solange would understand better when she’s had the chance to live as long as her Nana…perhaps; in learning that however ‘distasteful’ the circumstances we may find ourselves, someone out there has it so much worse and is secretly wishing that we get out of our shoes, so they can step into ’em! Bizarre huh?! But that’s just the way of the world! For some, rain’s a bother and for others; a blessing! The insatiable lots of us! 😂

    This is mighty enriching and wisdom-filled!😄 ‘Nuff respect Zee! 😎❤

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