20/20 Treasure

rain, rain go…… and wait
come again another May –
a rainbow-bespectacled bride once  cried
how could she know…?

the rain was but a harbinger
storms stirred in impatient cauldrons
dwarfing the weeping clouds
she paid great heed

to her seed she smiles now –
the very mirror of her juvenile naivety –
visibly let down at the clouds gathering
she asks “why today Nana, why?”

“treasure this moment, Solange
as you’d treasure none else
hindsight is 20/20
woulda danced in that rain years ago”

Foreign Country….by Kathryn Owen

The past is a foreign country
No boundaries
Except my own limitations
No passport required
Adventures take me to places
Of delights and darkness
Each night I travel
To yet another country

The future was just a dream
Of existence
Travelling distances
Of time and space
People I meet along the way
Some just pass by
Others stay a while and walk
With me, sharing my time there

Some sadly depart,
Our souls entwined
For but a moment, 
Lingering, living, laughing,
Until the time comes to depart,
The last kiss, 
The last touch,
The last smile.

I hope our paths will cross
Again in the future.
Postcard memories I hold
Within my heart, 
At times I take them out
And ponder them,
I can never go back
To those foreign lands,

Some best forgotten,
Best left behind,
Always moving forward,
Never back
I’m a foreigner speaking a language
Of emotion and sentiment, 
Of pain and anguish, 
Of desires and disappointments.

Have I seen you along the way?
Have I yet to meet you?
Are you here with me now?
Walk with me, let’s chat a while
And share postcards,
Stay with me
And let’s travel together
In this foreign country of ours.

The Outsider Inside

My guest for today is Sandra Oyeku. Sandra resides in Australia, where she is a teacher. She is highly skilled in working with children, something she has been doing for almost a decade.

Sandra is fascinated by the saintliness of a child’s mind yet acknowledges that this innocence doesn’t remain for long, as life quickly starts to teach, to write….and the reality is very different.

I find this piece to be a mixture of the child’s fantasies and the rude reality, which many of us can identify with.


The Outsider Inside

“Tabula rasa!”
Many would utter
At birth – the way the mind is –
A clean slate with no shades

But these blue skies with no greys
Looking down on pastures –
Dying wilting pastures
Ration what I have to feed on

They gently sap the life in me
Because I – I am right in their midst.
I’m no coward, yet I cower
How long will this servitude be?

Still, I, full of the sun, give smiles
Bountiful, blessed and bright
Need to keep shining my light
That is my demeanour, banner and pledge

So whatever is, whatever comes
I remain grateful
For my purpose I’ll still be thankful
Until all will be again evergreen

As much as hope shall within me glean
I look outside of me
To find me everywhere
And yet still here



Image: wikihow.com

Away with love
And away with its lies
A way it is
Of feeding me the highs

Away with hate
I’ll forgive one more time
There ne’er was time to die
Than the moment of truth

Away with cheer
This fairy make-up tale
The ruse contrived
To keep me in limbo

Away with sorrow
Else, away with life
Of what use is the life
That ne’er was lived at all

In The Event


In the event that I don’t make the mile,

A meter should do.

We set targets higher than really reasonable,

And pain our bodies to reach them.


In the event that I don’t make the millions,

A few thousands should do.

A few thousands are all we really need:

It’s called”sustenance and covering.”


In the event that I cannot offer Paris Eiffel tower for our honeymoon,

Will you gracefully accept Obudu next door,

Seeing God’s greater glory,

As superior to man’s engineering?


In the event that I beget not progeny,

I’d be grateful for the companionship of you my mate,

And my happiness needn’t be contingent,

On offspring from my loins.


In the event that I haven’t a son,

I’d be grateful for a daughter,

For a child was all I really desired,

The human blueprint not being my brainchild.


In the event that I don’t live to 97, I’d be grateful for 79.

Wouldn’t 97 be just too much?

When lonely would be company,

And bad news TV second to none?


In the event that all I have is this minute,

Prize it high would I!

Waste it not on frivolity,

And want of more tomorrow.