Potter’s Globe


Somewhere in the expanse
A Globe
Hangs self-poised
Complete and sufficient of itself
Sculpture of a Master Craftsman

Somehow against the turpitude
Of the settlers thereof
The Great Potter still molds
A heart, a mind, a soul –
A miracle

9 responses to “Potter’s Globe

  1. The line…’Somehow against the turpitude of the settlers thereof…..’is pretty comforting Zee, in the sense that ‘Ibaje eniyan ko d’ase Oluwa duro’; solely due to His immutable and unchanging qualities that sets Him too far apart from the settlers of this globe….us Earthlings, that kain thing! Great is His faithfulness!😇😁

    ‘Potter’s Globe’ in all of its simplicity’s the definition of class, effortlessness and soul! These lines are deep and you Sweets…are a miracle! 😉 Nicely done!❤😄

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