teary smile☺

she wanted more
to give him more
t’would be her gift
to him who’s hers

he wore a smile,
his demeanor –
the best always
but not today

she said something
along the lines of
missing periods
seein’ the doc

”a little voyager
is on the way
bid it be safe
on journies here”

he stopped and stared
then sat, then stood
he yelled, then cried
she knew that cry –

t’was not to mourn
nay, not for pain
t’was his best smile
she’d ever seen

19 responses to “teary smile☺

  1. One of life’s ‘bestest’ moment’s herein captured….beyond perfect! I can totally relate with this scenario…so precious! 😊😄

    Adding beauty and class to these lines is the lingo you adopted Zee…very ‘Victorian’! I like! Thumbs up girl, you still got that ‘Midas Touch’ going on and it does bring a teary smile to ma very eyes! 😈😆

    Liked by 1 person

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