The pain of rebirth
Sometimes obscures its good
Risking many a relapse

The lure of you stays strong
In the pain of separation
But in love’s quarantine I must heal

Though body and fiber be renewed
My heart will still be same old –
Timeworn – only for you

7 responses to “Quarantine

  1. Beautiful composition….
    Last three lines though…a heart refusing to let go despite what the head knows (in love’s quarantine I must heal)
    In the battle between heart and head, the heart always win

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  2. As painful and as undesirable as it might be, quarantines are usually life saving. The loneliness, fear and dejection are usually not palatable but it is usually worth it in the end. Good one Zeee…


  3. These beautiful lines….they give me that impression of someone, who’s finding it extremely difficult to move on from a relationship that’s ‘ran its course’ overtime! Kinda like a love gone totally wrong scenario; only the Narrator never stopped feeling…he/she is still pretty much drawn to his/her erstwhile partner! Like an addict to a drug, and the pangs and agonies felt during the process of ‘withdrawal’, makes moving on almost impossible!
    Can’t be easy at all, as with change of any kind but time will make less the pain and anguish as it progresses! Though the memories and feelings remain; getting by each day will slowly and gradually become more bearable! 😊😄

    Romantic composition I’d say Zee, once one’s able to get past the gloom and sadness! Love oughta last forever but who really knows?! 😔

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