Medleyed Thoughts

“Medleyed Thoughts” is a prosaic poem written by my very own Mayowa Providence Rotimi. In this beautiful piece, she lets us in on one of the things she values most – family – and yes, family is beautiful, family is everything. Never despise family. Enjoy.

Medleyed Thoughts

As I lay me down to sleep
Medleyed thoughts course through my mind
Sleep is golden, yet it’s scarce
Why does simple get complex?

A home, you had, not perfect, yes
Its members, too, far from being saints
But they stuck through thick and thin
Your battles you’d not fight alone

You spurned their love, affection too,
And “voice” of strangers listened to
You left the ones that loved you most
Your home, your only home, forsook

The strangers – were they kind to you?
Did they justly recompense you
For what you lost, that matters most?
Tell me dear one, I itch to know

Who loves you, keeps you, fights for you?
Who soothes your pain and heals your wounds?
These are the questions on my mind
Each night I lay me down to sleep

What are your thoughts?

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