I’ll Save This


I’ll save this tear for that  final day.
When I will call and you will not answer
My last respects I’ll dutifully pay
I’ll sing of the dirge to the last stanza

I’ll save this laugh for that final day
Just in case you call and I do not answer
My dues I hope I dutifully pay
With grace my reward
In time to be bestowed

4 responses to “I’ll Save This

  1. More so, death isn’t the end of it all! According to the last stanza “In grace my reward in time to be bestowed” that shows there’ll a resurrection for a blessing to be given! Good job Sister, and a marvellous reminder! Am addicted to your blog because it inspires me much 🙂


  2. Life is made up of good & bad moments. Let’s arm ourselves for the “rainy” days, so it doesn’t come & destroy us to the point of no return. The truth is as the bible says it- “Unforeseen occurrence befall everyone”. This poem is a reminder of the ‘harsh realities of life’. So live life to the full in every moment available


  3. Every single moment’s but a blessing, a gift and we oughta just seize, milk and make the absolute ‘bestest’ of it, for we know not the hour our souls will be required of us! Plus, its real scary to start anticipating that hour, when we’ll be required to mourn or be mourned! That’s real disheartening, bone-chilling but its a must we go through them at some point in our lives and history! An inevitability, that not a single one person’s spared or prepared for, when it creeps in so unexpectedly! To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven!

    Today’s all that counts, its a present! Yesterday’s forever gone; never again to be seen and tomorrow…..well, that’s a mystery; for it may never come! 😔

    Nice one Zee, enriching and thought-provoking! Kudos! 😉😄

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