More Than Death


The things I fear
More than death:

In the end,
Not to have lived at all

For my young ‘uns
That they be not robbed of innocence
Ere they grasp
The ‘What,’ ‘When,’ Why’ and ‘How’

Of my Maker
That my name be found not
In His Book of Life

Oh, these things, I fear
Much more than life itself
Or even the absence of it

I’ll Save This


I’ll save this tear for that ¬†final day.
When I will call and you will not answer
My last respects I’ll dutifully pay
I’ll sing of the dirge to the last stanza

I’ll save this laugh for that final day
Just in case you call and I do not answer
My dues I hope I dutifully pay
With grace my reward
In time to be bestowed