Never-Ending Cycle

Summer 2


Summer’s love turned to loathing

Or just some slight unease

We used to pray for these days

Shiver through sunless rays


And now that we have been sated

New longings materialize

Yielding to wishes idem

A never-ending cycle


I’m grateful for these tropics

Its varying cycles too

Somehow Someway I’ll weather

This storm and others new

6 responses to “Never-Ending Cycle

  1. Yes, this too shall pass…
    battered and bruised, life’s wounds certainly do heal..
    in time, memories do fade
    and with time, new tendrils sprout
    and the cycle of life starts
    flowers bloom
    and hope blossoms
    love shimmers through the clear blue skies
    warmth mingles with the breeze
    the trees dance and the grasses curtsy..
    the cycle of life..
    nothing lasts forever
    the comfort of the broken hearted

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  2. The beauty of life’s in the varying times and seasons! One thing’s for sure though…..there are no dull moments and we can’t exactly murmur bout things being ‘monotonous’! The wheel of life keeps spinning and so do the seasons! Its this change in season that causes for all to come together in the long haul! Plus, that bit bout weathering the storm’s soo spot on; seeing as the storm itself will not continually, perpetually rage and wage at sea! There comes a moment of calm….an interlude before another one hits! You captured well the vicious cycle that’s the circle of life and if life and all its entails are embedded in a circle or cycle, then of a truth; these are never-ending events! Again, its what life is but overcome we shall! 😃

    Great post Zee, plenty reflexive…a great tink-tank! Kudos! 👍👍

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