Not Just Yet

shackles 123rf2

Can’t remember when
I didn’t have these shackles
Hateful restraints to my feet
Enslaving to the unseen captor
I scream for freedom
But the gagging muzzle
Overpowers still
Wriggling free is Herculean
The futility of an exercise
Voices beckon from within and without
”No smoke without a fire”
”Go search, inquire!”
I venture heavenwards
I implore, I supplicate
”This here is beyond me”
You pride yourself in my loyalty
I see your smile:
”Good and faithful one”
”Fear not, sunshine”
”You will bear my light further still”
”You’re an angel”
”And your mission’s done”
”Not just yet”
“Gird your hips!”
“Great victories lie just ahead!”

10 responses to “Not Just Yet

  1. Hey sis, howdy? They have praised you and finished, so I guess there’s nothing more to add, abi? But me I always have small issue, me and this my big mouth! Chai! It is love, you know abi? 🙂
    I am thinking of that word, ‘gargantuan’… do you think you can substitute it for a simpler word? As it is, it looks quite misplaced in the current poem that is rather otherwise easy flowing and coursing like a river.

    Uplifting poem…. I also think it might work better if it were in stanzas…or maybe WP killed your stanzas.


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  2. A beautifully conceived piece bordering on bondage and enslavement, far beyond one’s comprehension and rationale! And you couldn’t be more right Honeycomb; in looking Heavenward, seeking refuge from the Higher Power! In casting all of our cares and burdens upon He, the Pillar of our lives; who cares for us in no small measure! Believing too, that He’d come through for us; when He whispers to us in that soothing, comforting and gentle voice that’s His; that ‘Not just yet’, hang in there yet for victory’s on its way and those chains and fetters will come off, drop to the ground; every weight lifting! This too shall pass, they always do and its not over, till its over! 😇😊

    Great post Zee, uplifting and highly motivational! You go gurl, wisdom and grace multiplied! 😄❤

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