Waking up in the dead of night

Groping through darkness

Searching for nothing

Or maybe something

Trying to make sense of it all

I look in every direction

There has to be some meaning

A Stronghold to latch onto

Near, sure, solid, loyal

Whence will my help come?

In my darkness, I feel it suddenly

The Book, His Book!

Disuse-worn, dust-covered

Then it dawns on me –

The answer to the question

Why then not this darkness?

When its pages I didn’t turn

“Child, you wandered away,” He says

“Too long I almost lost you.

Welcome back, child,” He beckons me close

We got some catching up to do.”

10 responses to “Groping

  1. The bible is a book from God, always waiting to be read by us to get us back to God. When it is so dusty on our shelves, it simply means we have wandered off too long, and need to read it to return to our Maker- GOD!

    Nice One Big-Sis

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  2. Hi Zee, you have been gone too long!
    Happy new year!!!
    Nice way to start the year.. this beautiful poem about finding our way home, which is the Father’s heart. Therein is the source of light and life…

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  3. Wow! Deep and Thought provoking!! Yes, like the Prodigal Son, we sometimes wonder away.
    But then, if we can just always
    Find our way back,
    He’s always willing,
    Always ready to take
    Us back…
    Wonderful rendition Zee
    Thanks a lot for these
    Beautiful words of

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