Immortal….by Iheanyi Idimogu

Immortality is one subject I don’t like to discuss because people understand it differently.

However, I’m certain, that that moment when the one person who is the princess/prince of your dreams first smiles at you and introduces themselves to you – that moment is truly unforgettable. 😇😍💖💗

This is captured in today’s poem by my friend Iheanyi Idimogu.

Iheanyi is a Lagos – based lawyer. He loves to write. I’m seeing here, too, that he’s quite the incurable romantic. ☺


When the last page is done
and the great Book closed
men shall sigh and recount histories
Kings that held the breath of men
and queens who sauntered in beauty
of artistes that immortalized lives
and viziers swaying between the lines of genius and madness
Somewhere without the gild of these marbles
a line or none may tell of you
and another or none for me
But cast in purest beauty
is the hour you smiled at me
and told me who you were

7 responses to “Immortal….by Iheanyi Idimogu

  1. That title’s pretty catchy and the piece in itself……dreamy and magical! Like one’s on an Enchanted Island complete with pixies, fairies, wizards, sorcerers and sorceresses, kings and queens…the whole bunch that make up a Kingdom, that’s all but an ordinary one! Except that amidst all of these regal and ‘royalty’, lies an ordinary man, nursing nostalgic feelings of perhaps when he beheld his beloved for the first time ever, fell under her charm and spell till all of eternity and just contented to be just that….simple amidst the majestic beauties around him! 😊😄

    I find it pretty romantic, seductive! What mattered the most to him was a smile and the feelings it wrought! Kudos to the Poet, Cheers! 😄


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