Pitching my tent with you

I wrote this song back in the days. 1999 to be exact. Somehow it never left the pages of the old notebook on which it was originally penned. Until now. I hope you like it. Haven’t quite found the music for it.

Just as the stars decorate the skies

On a beautiful, beautiful night

You’ve decorated my life

Lifted it to wonderful, wonderful heights

From what was left of this here Miss Lonely

You picked the pieces back up again

And mended them ever so carefully

Now all the pain is beginning to wane

 Couple holding hands 2

Take my hands, gentle but sure

Lead me safely to nature’s cure

If there’s any place I want to be

It’s right here, pitching my tent with you


I am not Humpty Dumpty anymore

Not unbreakable but no more broken

‘Cos you, you, you took me away

Away from this place with hurt so rife

I’m happy with who I am

But Ssshhh! Make no assurances

For no one can promise tomorrow

But today is what I gladly have, so please….


…. Take my hands, gentle but sure

Lead me safely to nature’s cure

If there’s any place I want to be

It’s right here, pitching my tent with you




14 responses to “Pitching my tent with you

  1. Sweet sweet love! I love love, what’s not to love?

    The Chorus is lovely, I especially like the way you rhymed it. Beautiful one ma’am! To say that you wrote it that long ago, and it reads this good… that’s amazing! You’ve sure been rocking this high ever since. Glad I stumbled upon it today. 🙂

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    • 😁oh my dear don’t you even begin to mind these musings of one old-school person like me. I was ”in the spirit” at the time and didn’t know when these words reeled out.😂 But if Me likes it, who am I to say she shouldn’t , hmm?😀 Thanks dear for visiting. And I love that you feel welcome here.

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  2. wow, this is beautiful…if only I was a musician, I would get the perfect melody for this
    I presume, a soft rock will do this justice!
    Yemie should know the perfect musician that will do this piece justice…let’s ask her..
    in other news ‘straight from the heart’ is up and running! check it out


    • Hi Topazo, Thanks. Yemie, ngwanu, which musician will do the song perfect justice? LOL!

      As for ‘straight from the heart,’ don’t worry. I’m already following. No hiding place for Yemie o, seriously.


  3. Aw! Quite the incurable, unapologetic romantic I see! *laughing*

    I totally love this line ‘Not unbreakable, but no more broken’! That got me! Its a great piece, this one; and we could all do with a ‘knight in shining armour’ every once in a while, wading and waltzing right into our lives, assailing and ‘assaulting’ our senses and just plain make the pain go away! Thumbs up Zee, its ‘adorbs’! LMAO


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