I reckon

Today marks my first blogging anniversary. Exactly on this day in 2014, I put up my first post, a poem, Stranger Amongst Us

You would probably expect me to share some blog statistics  at this point but I prefer not to. I would just like to thank all my followers and readers. You all have made it worthwhile and I’m encouraged because you’re there.

Over the next few days, I’ll be featuring posts, both mine and those of other writers, some of them well-known to you already but others, probably appearing for the first time and are happy to allow me feature them here.

So, you’ll have a varied experience over the next few days. Hope you have fun.

I’m cutting the tape with this piece titled ”I Reckon.” Enjoy.

I Reckon

I reckon
I have come a long way
365 can’t easily be ignored
Nor can 52 times 7
What giant strides I have made
Yet how it all comes to naught
For these all equate to but 1
And I have conquered not much

Still I reckon
I am blessed beyond compare
The gift of this day
Many sought to have
If only, even to seize by force
Alas today was not the day for them
Of others’ preoccupations
They have ceased to be

I reckon
There will be more moons
Sunrises and sunsets too
Stars will fall with no notice
And I may not shine as much
Still, my candle I’ll let glow
Put my pen to paper and print
A tiny little word at a time

Will I someday be reckoned with?
That would be no mean feat
I reckon

One Night And What You Wish – 2

Please click here, if you missed part 1.



Toun Salami hissed, as she paced around the room in anger. Samuel, the young man who handed her the tape and who she had earlier contracted to wiretap the house, was trying in vain to calm her down.

“Take it easy, madam. Things like this happen. You just have to take it easy, okay?”

“Mtscheww! How could he? How could they?”

She hadn’t bargained for this. The other day when she had invited Samuel to install a listening device in the house after everyone had gone out, all she wanted was to spy on Idara and hopefully chance on her conversations with whoever was responsible for her pregnancy, seeing that she had refused to open up on his identity. But nothing prepared her for this betrayal.

For the first time in her life, she felt alone, lost and completely clueless about her life – her husband, who had stooped so low to cheat on her, their only son – Dotun – whose brazenness knew no bounds. He had no qualms blackmailing his father at the expense of his mother. Then there was the housemaid she had literally picked up from the gutters, who thought of no other way to return her kindness than to direct her lustful tendencies towards her mistress’ husband! Whatever happened to family? Whatever happened to love, devotion, gratitude and one good turn deserving another? She fell on her knees; this was too much to bear. Tears flowed as her whole body shook.

“Haba Madam, take it easy now, ehn. You have to approach this matter with a calm mind. Here, take a sit.” Samuel pulled a chair close for her and helped her up. She gratefully accepted. Just then, the doorbell rang. It was Idara returning from the errand that had been concocted to keep her out of the house long enough to attend to this necessary business.

“I think I’ll take my leave now, madam.”

“Okay. Thank you. I’ll let you know if I need you again.”

“Yes madam. And don’t worry, I’ll help myself out.”

“Yes, thank you,” Toun accepted graciously, for she was sure that if she went to get the door herself, nothing would keep her from strangling Idara. “And please let the maid in,” she added.

When she left the study a few minutes later, she was resolute. She would play this game the way they all wanted it. She would take it all with a smile, continue to be the good wife, the doting mother and benevolent lady of the house. The game had only just begun. “Let’s see for how long the bunch of you idiots can hold out,” she muttered.



Of Being Liked


Hello readers, I had fun writing this post. It kind of captures what happens just before and after I hit that publish button on Worpress. It happens to me sometimes and I had a good laugh reading thru afterwards. However, I believe the best thing is just to write what you enjoy writing as if no one else will read it. Sometimes, that makes you write better. What do you think?


Wordpress Publish Button

Click goes the mouse
I hit the Publish button

Tick, tock, says the clock
Who will be the first to like?
One, two, three, four, five
Here it goes…incoming mail!

Ding! it goes, click I go
Xoxo liked your post on this
Six, seven, eight, nine, ten
Here’s another email, Ding!

Hello Writer! Comes the call
Here’s another like from Zuzu
You’re not doing badly buddy
Five people liked it so far, nice!

Then I wait, it’s comments time!
Zeezee dear, I’m loving this
Tap, tap, tap, my keyboard goes
Thank you, Reader, for your time.

(Then I whisper) Hey, hit these buttons

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