Hand Over

It’s another Monday and I’m making it a ”note to self” today to just hand over. I also encourage you to hand them all over – every care, concern, anxiety – hand them over.

The image below is another one of my lame attempts at visual poetry but I’m posting it anyways. I’ve decoded it below just in case you can’t read my drawing. Hope you like it.☺


Hand them over
Hand them now
Worries, fears and
Doubting too

These here hands are
Not too short
The love I feel
To show to you

And when you’re weary
Cannot bear
The weight your lot
Bestows on you

Entrust your cares
To abler Hands
No need to wait
Or tarry

Vision Not For All


Vision is not a possession of all.
It belongs only to those
Who allow their minds
The grace of wild flight
Wings that wander to other worlds
A restlessness to be quelled
Only on finding the right answers.



PS: I’m trying my hands at Visual Poetry. There’s still a lot to learn and the above is my baby step. I know there’s a lot to discover. Wish me well.

Day 9 – Question

The prompt for day 9 was quite interesting : to write something in the line of visual poetry. Wikipedia defines Visual Poetry as ”poetry or art in which the visual arrangement of text, images and symbols is important in conveying the intended effect of the work.”

So here’s my submission. How did I do?☺

                          I ask
                  again: why do we
              ask? To find answers
           to the object of our wonder-   
           ment? Nay,        not always,
           for some                have answers
           but seek                   to feed their
           vanity.                          What and
                                                  to whom
                                                  do we   
                                                   ask? To
                                                   me, it      
                                                  seems, to
                                           that, there
                                        was never
                                  a consensus.
                                 No right
                        no wrong
                   say some.
                   Indeed, in
                    my bias,
                    could be

                    from the