I reckon

Today marks my first blogging anniversary. Exactly on this day in 2014, I put up my first post, a poem, Stranger Amongst Us

You would probably expect me to share some blog statistics  at this point but I prefer not to. I would just like to thank all my followers and readers. You all have made it worthwhile and I’m encouraged because you’re there.

Over the next few days, I’ll be featuring posts, both mine and those of other writers, some of them well-known to you already but others, probably appearing for the first time and are happy to allow me feature them here.

So, you’ll have a varied experience over the next few days. Hope you have fun.

I’m cutting the tape with this piece titled ”I Reckon.” Enjoy.

I Reckon

I reckon
I have come a long way
365 can’t easily be ignored
Nor can 52 times 7
What giant strides I have made
Yet how it all comes to naught
For these all equate to but 1
And I have conquered not much

Still I reckon
I am blessed beyond compare
The gift of this day
Many sought to have
If only, even to seize by force
Alas today was not the day for them
Of others’ preoccupations
They have ceased to be

I reckon
There will be more moons
Sunrises and sunsets too
Stars will fall with no notice
And I may not shine as much
Still, my candle I’ll let glow
Put my pen to paper and print
A tiny little word at a time

Will I someday be reckoned with?
That would be no mean feat
I reckon