finding stars… Su’eddie Vershima Agema

In every one of life’s endeavors, there are learners (like me☺) and there are masters. There are those who are willing to share knowledge, no matter what level of learning they’re at. This is the case of my friend Su’eddie Vershima Agema. I once called him a critic but now I see him as a friend who simply wants to add value.


Su’eddie writes poetry with his head 😉 (correct me if I’m wrong) and he’s very particular about those technicalities of poetry.👌

The poem below, which is written in classical Su’eddie style tells us that sometimes, in searching for that faraway treasure, we end up realizing, that the treasure we sought all along, eluded us because we didn’t look within.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present Su’eddie Vershima Agema. 👏👏👏


finding stars

he looked up to the skies;
it reflected the darkness that lay at the bottom of his heart
he searched for the stars but they were absent
he smiled sadly

he wasn’t going to be low too long
for he knew that beyond those blankets, the stars shone

he took a deep breath, closed his eyes
kissed the air and searched for the stars once more
this time he found a million sparkles
deep within his soul…

Just What If….

Today’s guest post is from my adorable “weirdo” Amity. 🙂 I just love her writes. They leave you thinking and wondering….who really is Amity? And when you think you’ve begun to understand, she wows you by introducing her alien friends (her muses I suppose), who often decide if, when and what she writes. 🙂

Don’t we just love Amity?

Messieurs et dames, here is Amity, doing what she knows to do best – wow us. 🙂

Just What If….

What if black was really white and white green?
Would it make a difference?
Would the black mamba be as gentle as a dove?

What if the sky was green and grasses blue?
Would it change the force of nature?
Would the sun wither in season?

What if your skin was red and mine pink?
Would we love more?
Would there be peace in the world?

What if the rainbow was colourless and the butterflies grey?
Would the rain still know when to stop?
Would life still be beautiful?

Just what if…?

I Am Green – Revisited 21st September 2015

This is an older post that first appeared on 21st January 2015. I’m revisiting it today, because…..well, I am in the green mood today. Have fun reading it again.


I am green
Not with envy
But with life

I am fertile
I am fresh
I am full

I lack not
Want not
Mourn not

I embody newness
I speak growth
Goodness, hope

I am green
I seek life
I seek peace

I am as the olive branch
I welcome
With open arms



It’s the eve of Dusk
Time to take stock
My favourite birds and I
Take flight
We soar
In formation
Over the lagoon
Over the Third Mainland

We are
A beautiful sight –
The envy of willing slaves
We fly
Free of care
To our roost warm and cozy
We know
Tonight’s will be the best sleep ever

Ocean Sanctuary

Over Sea’s magnanimity
I make bow low

There’s always place
For a tired stranger

I come with concern
As of a pregnant maiden

Heavy with child
Child of uncertainty

Roaring mightiness
Caresses and soothes

Deafening silence
Alternating sequence

Saline playmates
Tickle my feet

The secret romance
With my ocean sanctuary

Unmarked borders
Give flesh to my vision

New wings to fly
Escaping the present

Beyond these horizons
There’s a dream for me

I’m here for a bit
And not for long