Things I’ve Always Known

Blue and yellow make green
As if you didn’t know
As if I’ve never known
In the mélange
Of low spirits and jealousy
Is there a resulting envy, pray tell?
White and black make grey
This is no fact
Of which you know not
If transparency or the sanctity thereof
Were tainted by opacity
And the darkness thereof
Would there be a resulting grey area?
The shrouded mystery thereof?
Why red is akin to danger
The sense of foreboding
And quickly embraced by love
And all in its coffers
Again I cannot tell
What color seems to me to be
Is what it’s not to you
It’s certain that the thoughts of man
Inventions of his mind
Can all hold true whate’er the clime
This I’ve not always known

Fine until tonight

Mama o!
Come quickly o!
Something happened to me tonight!
Something tells me I was conned

Mama o!
Come quickly o!
You said it was alright o!
Tonight I would become a woman

Mama o!
I will not call you a liar o!
But you never said there’d be pain
Or that I’d be ripped open

Mama o!
You swore to me!
Oga Chachu’s wives would take care of me
They would be my mothers and aunties

Papa o!
I will not call you a thief o!
But did you just sell away my innocence
In exchange for beer, yams and a goat?

I have been robbed o!
Help o! Somebody! Anybody!
I was fine until tonight o!
Then he took away what’s mine.


Today I’m playing riddles☺
I’m all for racking brains
With minds I’m going to fiddle
Then gather in my gains

I raze, I strip, lay bare
Perhaps your worst nightmare
I make, I bake, I feed
Your best friend, when there’s need

You snuggle oh so close
On dreaded winter nights
My fiery kinsman’s pose
You’d wish for in the heights

I hiss, I pout, I crackle
I’m called the needful evil
For when I’m not, you’re done for
You’ll have to eat all wild

Day 9 – Question

The prompt for day 9 was quite interesting : to write something in the line of visual poetry. Wikipedia defines Visual Poetry as ”poetry or art in which the visual arrangement of text, images and symbols is important in conveying the intended effect of the work.”

So here’s my submission. How did I do?☺

                          I ask
                  again: why do we
              ask? To find answers
           to the object of our wonder-   
           ment? Nay,        not always,
           for some                have answers
           but seek                   to feed their
           vanity.                          What and
                                                  to whom
                                                  do we   
                                                   ask? To
                                                   me, it      
                                                  seems, to
                                           that, there
                                        was never
                                  a consensus.
                                 No right
                        no wrong
                   say some.
                   Indeed, in
                    my bias,
                    could be

                    from the

Day 8 – First Impressions



That night
When you danced
The maiden dance
And I would not take a first look
It was that I might question
Your boldness
Your dare
To appear before me unsightly

This night
There’s no dance
No festival,  no cheer
I seek that I might find no other but you
And to question how that scar is a fallout
Of your feminine valor
This I’d rather have
Than a thousand maidens worth of cowardice

Day 7 – Knight of the Paradoxes

Today I’m here and I realise
Other than you
Little else would gallantly qualify
As the embodiment of opposites
Faithful slave, brutal task master
You humiliate, yet exalt
You distinguish, yet confuse
You define, yet shroud in mystery
You refine, yet make crude
You divide, yet unite
You are valueless, yet invaluable
The object of our struggles
The fuel behind our troubles
The making of us
The undoing of us
I’m sober in my lightheadedness
You call me to order
Oh Knight of the Paradoxes

Day 6 – Aurora

This way and that
Wind swishes the grasses
Breezy vestiges
From night’s light shower
Energizing gusts
Nature’s elixir
Salvaging antidote
Curing delirium

Alluring memento
From the pottery’s finest
Beautiful with blemish
Glorious in imperfection
That’s Aurora my dawn
Firstfruits of life’s wage
I’ll savour you today
I’ll savour you tomorrow

Day 4 – Question of Materiality

Significance, or lack of it
Does it matter if you take me for granted?
Distraction, a shift in priorities
That’s how I know if and what I matter
In this game of relevance
You and I both understand it’s a question of materiality
The distinction between substance and mirage
The honesty to admit our lack of innocence

Day 2. Twinkle


Hello Twinkle, sign of glee
Cheer me up and dance for me
Tease me with your shine divine
Let me quest as if for wine

When your peers come out to mingle
Sneak out please, for me, be single
Do I hear a playful giggle
As your tiny tail you wiggle

As with constant hope you glimmer
Faith’s cauldron you gently simmer
I’ll have not tomorrow’s worry
Nor will I for it be sorry