In The Event


In the event that I don’t make the mile,

A meter should do.

We set targets higher than really reasonable,

And pain our bodies to reach them.


In the event that I don’t make the millions,

A few thousands should do.

A few thousands are all we really need:

It’s called”sustenance and covering.”


In the event that I cannot offer Paris Eiffel tower for our honeymoon,

Will you gracefully accept Obudu next door,

Seeing God’s greater glory,

As superior to man’s engineering?


In the event that I beget not progeny,

I’d be grateful for the companionship of you my mate,

And my happiness needn’t be contingent,

On offspring from my loins.


In the event that I haven’t a son,

I’d be grateful for a daughter,

For a child was all I really desired,

The human blueprint not being my brainchild.


In the event that I don’t live to 97, I’d be grateful for 79.

Wouldn’t 97 be just too much?

When lonely would be company,

And bad news TV second to none?


In the event that all I have is this minute,

Prize it high would I!

Waste it not on frivolity,

And want of more tomorrow.