Fresh Perspectives

Another prayer answered
Another cause for thanks
Another prayer to say and
Another cause for faith

And even though the times don’t smile
They will eventually
There’s none that ever stays the same
Except the Timeless One

Here right now is fresh perspective
I’m done looking behind
I’ve chewed the cud too long it hurts
It’s time to start anew



It’s the eve of Dusk
Time to take stock
My favourite birds and I
Take flight
We soar
In formation
Over the lagoon
Over the Third Mainland

We are
A beautiful sight –
The envy of willing slaves
We fly
Free of care
To our roost warm and cozy
We know
Tonight’s will be the best sleep ever

Ole Gran’

ole gran1

Ole Gran’

I have me here this ragged doll
You gave me it when I turned 5
I’ll not forget this story book
That was your gift when I turned 10
It’s got the best stories ever told
When I turned 15, you got me my first guitar
You said life was nothing without music
And if I could make mine, the better!
At 20, you gave me this camera
Again, you said, “life’s nothing without memories”
“Create your own”
These memories have made me
But not as much as your greatest gift –
Your ear – your listening ear
That I find priceless
Into it I spoke, whispered, confided, sang,
Sometimes shouted and nagged
Even when you disapproved, you still listened
What’s an orphan to do without one like you?
Thanks ole gran’ for being you.


Tonight, I wind me down,
Letting go off the frown,
Aping the Fiery Clown,
That yields to the moon its crown.

smiling sun 4

I’m trading off the wrinkle,
In return for the friendly twinkle,
I’ll look out for tomorrow,
Cast not an eye on sorrow.

I’ll count up all my blessings,
Assuredly unnumbered,
I’ll thank the Lord his mercies,
Rejuvenate each morning.

smiling at bedtime

Tonight, I me unwind,
As Day, to a halt grinds,
The beauty of my finds,
I’ll treasure in my mind.



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In The Event


In the event that I don’t make the mile,

A meter should do.

We set targets higher than really reasonable,

And pain our bodies to reach them.


In the event that I don’t make the millions,

A few thousands should do.

A few thousands are all we really need:

It’s called”sustenance and covering.”


In the event that I cannot offer Paris Eiffel tower for our honeymoon,

Will you gracefully accept Obudu next door,

Seeing God’s greater glory,

As superior to man’s engineering?


In the event that I beget not progeny,

I’d be grateful for the companionship of you my mate,

And my happiness needn’t be contingent,

On offspring from my loins.


In the event that I haven’t a son,

I’d be grateful for a daughter,

For a child was all I really desired,

The human blueprint not being my brainchild.


In the event that I don’t live to 97, I’d be grateful for 79.

Wouldn’t 97 be just too much?

When lonely would be company,

And bad news TV second to none?


In the event that all I have is this minute,

Prize it high would I!

Waste it not on frivolity,

And want of more tomorrow.