Penchant for Elusion

In the journey
To source and destination
I find your footprints

In quiet acknowledgement, I say
I’m here but for a bit
To make my imprint

For a moment, I’m lost
Why you take the Sprint
Before my presence, I wonder.

Is it you or I, I ponder
That has a penchant for elusion?
To be sure this is no delusion

Haunted by the very same fantasies
We’re restless
Seeking the ultimate salvation
We’ll find it



stock-photo-interracial-couple-hugging-138310391 (1)

This skin that you bare
Speaks thousands to me
Your gait’s so enchanting
Too good to be true
Too good is your charm
My alarm has set off
What if you’re not mine?
And for you I’m sport
What if we were never
For each other meant?
And that dreaded day comes
When you shed your skin
The real “you,” you make known
To my own dismay
And of my own misery
You drink to your fill
So ‘ere you get comfortable
In your very own skin
Just know I won’t let you
Get under my skin

The Phantom

It oft is said, “when something seems too good to be true, it probably is.”

fantasy 4

You came, Whirlwind, you came,

Sweeping me off my feet,

Charting me a new course,

One I’d rather not walk.

Friends you said we’d be,

That was just fine by me,

For you see, I belonged to another,

And Us asunder, I would not have.

But that manner, that gait, that subtlety,

Your finesse that took my breath away,

Found me asking, loyalty flinching,

“Where have you been all my life?”

You gained me slowly but surely,

Then voom, in the flash of an instant,

You’re gone and lost forever,

Was that a mirage I saw or something?

I smile that knowing smile:

I should have known

You were the Phantom

The fleeting fantasy that never was