Give Me A Good Report

A good report
Douses the fire
Raging within
When times are dire

When sleep that’s sweet
Is washed off eyes
As of with soap
That launders mire

Give me some news
That all is well
And if not, that
It soon will be

Give me new eyes
New hopes new wings
A mind that sees
Beyond these bars

Unearth the wonders
That can be
And tell me tales
Of victories yet

Not Just Yet

shackles 123rf2

Can’t remember when
I didn’t have these shackles
Hateful restraints to my feet
Enslaving to theĀ unseen captor
I scream for freedom
But the gagging muzzle
Overpowers still
Wriggling free is Herculean
The futility of an exercise
Voices beckon from within and without
”No smoke without a fire”
”Go search, inquire!”
I venture heavenwards
I implore, I supplicate
”This here is beyond me”
You pride yourself in my loyalty
I see your smile:
”Good and faithful one”
”Fear not, sunshine”
”You will bear my light further still”
”You’re an angel”
”And your mission’s done”
”Not just yet”
“Gird your hips!”
“Great victories lie just ahead!”