a much-desired homelessness
pulls at my heart strings – some nostalgia –
as the moon violates our privacy

see those conniving windows
yield to breezy coercion
leaving me more desirous
of this strange vulnerability

your face – it is heavenly –
a glassy reflection so divine
i can only imagine the glory
when Moses descended Sinai

tonight, May ends
yesterday the rains found strength
those strange hot winds could not but uphold
the beauty of your countenance

Day 6 – Aurora

This way and that
Wind swishes the grasses
Breezy vestiges
From night’s light shower
Energizing gusts
Nature’s elixir
Salvaging antidote
Curing delirium

Alluring memento
From the pottery’s finest
Beautiful with blemish
Glorious in imperfection
That’s Aurora my dawn
Firstfruits of life’s wage
I’ll savour you today
I’ll savour you tomorrow