Small Saves The Day… Dr. Ezechinyere Ekpo (aka Dr. Swag)

Life is beautiful, don’t we all agree?  And no, it’s not because of the big stuff. Oftentimes, it is the small things in life that make the big difference – a warm smile, a pat on the shoulders, a kind word or deed…

Sometimes, it is the act of a small child that saves the day, in a way that older ones will not be able to grasp.

The poem below, written by Dr. Ezechinyere Ekpo, also known as Dr. Swag, stresses this fact in a masterful way. If you know Dr. Swag, you’ll be able to see his characteristic signature in this spectacular telling. Messieurs, mesdames, presenting Dr. Swag!

Small Saves The Day

A mammoth riddle loomed before clueless citizens
Of such mighty proportions none could solve
Experts and specialists could not resolve
This Goliath of a conundrum the best could not best
The colossal challenge was such a bother
That it made everyone shudder
The dread of it gave a fever
Made even the president shiver

There was no hope
Men could only mope
Before this giant who could cope?
All answers ended with a nope
Then came up a runt, a tiny tot
“What can he do?” they thought
Of his sling and stone they mocked
But heroic acts dare not be docked!

Into his business did they poke
Taunted they, this dude is a joke!
He did not stand a chance
And must be wakened from his trance
Nothing more was he than a kid
How could he of a gargantuan dilemma rid?
But it was smallness that saved the day
A lad, a sling and a stone