Birth Of The Dawn… Gift Dimgba Mamre

I’m pleased to share this next post with you, written by my dear friend Gift Dimgba Mamre. Gift is positive, with a vivaciousness that is very contagious. This piece highlights her personal struggles and an affirmation of her inmost desires. She speaks as if she has already received and that, my friend, is faith. Enjoy.

Birth Of The Dawn

In the birth of dawn,
With epitome of hope piled
I humbly sit and wait
My forthcoming child.

To this unborn one
From now and times to come
With happiness, and wisdom
I foresee a child with fun

To nourish his curious mind
And knowledge, help to find
I’ll always read with you,
Show you things I never knew

With you, I’ll never be sad
My moon-pie and precious lad
I have no fear, a mum to be,
My special kid, I can’t wait to see.

amanda 1 -

Goofing Off In Fun Lines & Rhymes… Yemie

My first guest post is from the beautiful Yemie. She doesn’t consider herself a blogger, though many of us know better  🙂 . However, I cajoled her into writing a poem for us and after fighting tooth and nail to decline the invitation, we finally got the beautiful, playful piece below. Yemie sizzles, for no other reason than that she expresses herself with everything she’s got. No holds barred. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Yemie!

Goofing Off In Fun Lines & Rhymes

Tick-tock goes the clock
A tap and rap on my door, knock-knock
I reach out and unlock
With the strength of a Jock

‘Write me a poem’, she sweetly coos
Chuckling, I belt out a sound ‘boo hoo’
And make a quick dash for the loo

‘You aren’t wriggling free of this one Cherie’, she cajoles
‘Oh dear! Do I feel like a Felon on parole’
A pocketful of lines, I must dole
‘However did I end up in this Hellhole?’
Totally zero to the bone

Struggling I hit a brick wall
Running into writer’s block, I fall
‘Dear Lord, please help me stand tall’
As I heed this unusual call

Like a ship listing away from the dock
I put my pen to paper and take stock
If I die I die, I mock
In all, I know I am a rock

On to the tick-tock, I don’t stop
I reel out my lines so tight, it’s no doo-wop
Hitting a home run, I yell out ‘Touchdown’!
Work done, hair down I go out on the town

Not Just Yet

shackles 123rf2

Can’t remember when
I didn’t have these shackles
Hateful restraints to my feet
Enslaving to the unseen captor
I scream for freedom
But the gagging muzzle
Overpowers still
Wriggling free is Herculean
The futility of an exercise
Voices beckon from within and without
”No smoke without a fire”
”Go search, inquire!”
I venture heavenwards
I implore, I supplicate
”This here is beyond me”
You pride yourself in my loyalty
I see your smile:
”Good and faithful one”
”Fear not, sunshine”
”You will bear my light further still”
”You’re an angel”
”And your mission’s done”
”Not just yet”
“Gird your hips!”
“Great victories lie just ahead!”


You are my oasis from a day unmarked
Where I seep on some hot days
Times I fear the water may dry
You waiver also, when you look into my eyes
To stop your own fears

But when I hold your hands under the shade
Grateful for these moments
I try not to worry the water may dry
Like this world, waiver and fault
But it is fear, fear dries the eternal

A poem by Iheanyi C. Idimogu
Iheanyi is a Lawyer, based in Lagos, Nigeria
He loves to write.