Homeschooling in Nigeria – A follow Up

Ever since I started my blog in September 2014, my post on homeschooling in Nigeria has been my most read article yet, with it being viewed almost every other day.

Recently I received a mail from a mother who lives in Nigeria and who is homeschooling her son. She wanted to know if I homeschool my children and mentioned that she only knew of one other mother who did. According to her, it was very difficult finding others who are towing this line and I quickly discerned that for her it was an uphill task. Many don’t favor homeschooling in this part of the world.

So I thought it would be a good idea to do something that homeschooling parents in Nigeria might find interesting – a forum to ‘meet’ and share ideas, you know, establish a support system, rub minds, exchange ideas, find solutions and overall, achieve their homeschooling objectives.

If you, or anyone you know, is/are homeschooling their children and would like some form of support from people with like minds, please fill in the form below. The purpose is to keep a record that will be made available only with your consent. I however advise that, as with all personal information provided on the internet, caution should be exercised. Provide only information that you are comfortable with and tread cautiously where someone requests a face-to-face meeting, however laudable the objective.

Thank you.



11 responses to “Homeschooling in Nigeria – A follow Up

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  2. This is nice Ziks. Well done on the initiative. I think you are a great lady and doing this like this really help a lot of people too. Maybe you should share some more tips or maybe even your experiences on home schooling and if you dare to, at some point, parenting. It always is nice reading those posts from you. Well done.

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