That Silver Moment

i wish there were many more lightnings
or maybe a few
or just one

for it was in that one silver moment
i saw you in your purest form –
plain naked beauty

i’m struck at once with sympathy for David
and the lure
of bathsheba

now I wish there were no lightning
or that my eyes be blank –
a clean slate with no mosaic

11 responses to “That Silver Moment

  1. MotherZee, MamaZee herself is back.
    Beautiful poem. I love the last verse so much because one has such moments one wished one saw nothing or heard nothing.
    Compliments of the season to you

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  2. Welcome back to these plains Homegurl, its really nice to have you back… were sorely missed! And a banging post to announce your ‘Blogcoming’ too….such an allure! Let. It. Snow! I love it! LMAO!

    ‘The Silver Moment’….. that million dollar moment of weakness, (right before the veil falls off of our eyes and we become disenchanted, dispassionate, with the object of our affection); we when we cave in to the lustful desires of the flesh and passion! Seductively, magically captured….. Wow! You go gurl and welcome back again! Happy Holidays to you and all your adorables! Mwah! LOL

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