Enemy Within

He is the worst one
The enemy from within
That hones his evil craft
Under our very noses

He’s of the worst kind
Our friendly foe
Who steals off our innocence
Under cover of night

Our trusting kin
Slumber and smile
What ignorance!
How gullible!

While you scar our bodies
Our minds too
Rendering us numb
How can we forget?

You are the one
That you pretend
To shield us from –
What hypocrisy!

You taught us that
The world was evil
Who could have known
The world was you!

PS: I’ve heard some terrible stories in recent times that I cannot even retell on this page. There’s a lot going on now, when it comes to child sexual abuse. What we hear sometimes. …. is really scary. Why, even parents! Our children can’t run out of this world now, can they?👫

6 responses to “Enemy Within

  1. And it’s snowing on your blog, yoohoo! Yorubas would say, eni mo eni, l’on s’eni… and it is a miracle, how apt those words prove to be time and time again. I guess there lies the flaw in trusting and being trusted, because it is as powerful an invitation for destruct, as it is a requisite for solidarity.

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  2. True to life post Zee, plus its been finely summarized by the good Doc! Absolutely nothing new under the sun, besides the fact that there’s a massive increase in cases of sexual abuse of minors by close relations and family members! Sexual perversion has never been more rife as seen in this day and age….’The New Age’! May God protect our Precious Ones and exorcise the demon and spirit that causes for some mortals to turn incestuous monsters! Its just really sad….unthinkable! 😔

    The need to educate our kids, teaching Sex Education at the earliest possible age and establishing a sorta bond with ’em by keeping communication lines open and assuring them that we’re approachable for a tete-a-tete 24/7, will go a long way in helping reduce to the barest minimum new cases of abuse, nipping ’em in the bud before they become full blown!

    Great post dear, thanks for sharing! ❤😊😄

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