Just What If….

Today’s guest post is from my adorable “weirdo” Amity. 🙂 I just love her writes. They leave you thinking and wondering….who really is Amity? And when you think you’ve begun to understand, she wows you by introducing her alien friends (her muses I suppose), who often decide if, when and what she writes. 🙂

Don’t we just love Amity?

Messieurs et dames, here is Amity, doing what she knows to do best – wow us. 🙂

Just What If….

What if black was really white and white green?
Would it make a difference?
Would the black mamba be as gentle as a dove?

What if the sky was green and grasses blue?
Would it change the force of nature?
Would the sun wither in season?

What if your skin was red and mine pink?
Would we love more?
Would there be peace in the world?

What if the rainbow was colourless and the butterflies grey?
Would the rain still know when to stop?
Would life still be beautiful?

Just what if…?

23 responses to “Just What If….

  1. Thank you goddess😊.

    Well analysed. You are so on point. Man’s crave for power and control, driven by greed is indeed the root of all disparities. The seed of greed sown from the onset by the master liar, is his weapon for destruction of all that was beautifully made.
    However, we have the consolation because we know his deceit is but for a while and all will be as it ought to be from the beginning.

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  2. beautiful poem!
    reminds of a quote by Shakespeare “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”
    it is not in the names or the colors, but in our perception of nature and life….
    we can be happy no matter what, love with all our hearts and give of ourselves to all…if we choose to.
    it is all in us…and not in the things around.

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  3. This musing’s simply profound! Reminds of that beautiful soul-ful tune titled ‘ Imagine’ by the amazing songstress that’s Tracy Spencer! Would matter none if these things you mentioned up here are anything but anything! The world’s been made perfect by The Creator…

    All things bright and beautiful
    All Creatures great and small
    All things bright and wonderful
    The Lord God made them all

    The real problem lies not with the elements of Nature, but with us corruptible mortals who were made after God’s image! John Lubock opines that ‘what we see depends mainly on what we look for’! We more often than not see colors and races, religion, ethnicities and tribes, creed, and social standings….rich or poor; cause its what we CHOOSE to see, rather than humanity; thereby creating unnecessary divisions and stratas in the system! And even where these differences do as a  matter of fact do exist, Desmond Tutu asserts that ‘they aren’t intended to alienate; we’re different PRECISELY in order to realize our need for one another’!

    So then, when the human race finally attain that level where great minds outnumber the small and middle minds, am afraid it’d still be the same old, same old….status quo, which the pretty charismatic late ex-president of the United States, of blessed memory
    Ronald Reagan; surmises is Latin, for ‘the mess we’re in’! 😈😆

    Great going Sweets, this makes some capital sense! Write and rock on! 😄😉

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