I Am Green – Revisited 21st September 2015

This is an older post that first appeared on 21st January 2015. I’m revisiting it today, because…..well, I am in the green mood today. Have fun reading it again.


I am green
Not with envy
But with life

I am fertile
I am fresh
I am full

I lack not
Want not
Mourn not

I embody newness
I speak growth
Goodness, hope

I am green
I seek life
I seek peace

I am asΒ the olive branch
I welcome
With open arms


7 responses to “I Am Green – Revisited 21st September 2015

  1. Green is such a huge deal! Its organic, pure, healthy and incorruptible as in ‘going green’! Green is lush…luxuriante, lively, or if I may ‘ lifely’! Its the sign of life, of wellness, productivity….wholesomeness! What will the Earth be without green?! Lifeless, zero harvest, famine…..death! For a person to take on the form and therefore assuage that they’re green…..that’s divine, a blessing not most can lay total claims to! So I rejoice with you Zee and I enjoin you to revel on in it; for its the Lord’s doing! πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜„

    Lovely offering…..gives a real bumbly and upbeat vibe! Way to go gurl! πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜‰

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  2. I am green. How I love this poem, not much for the word as for the way you used it here. On some days, I have wanted to go by the name ‘green’, for the urgent need to let those that care to know that I am fickle, and very inexperienced in a lot of matters… but I am open to learning from the wealth of possibilities that abound about me. And I think that essentially, in being open to change, you find the strength to keep existing– more than that, to BE.

    I am glad you revisited this poem for you, and for us.

    I am green, with love and life. And all the little fragments of possibilities between. :)<3

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    • Hmm. Just take a look at how you turned that word green transforming and making a whole new understanding of it.☺

      The truth, my dear, is that in one way or another, we are all green in the sense that you have explained it, for no one is an expert at everything. And as long as we live, we learn.

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