Goofing Off In Fun Lines & Rhymes… Yemie

My first guest post is from the beautiful Yemie. She doesn’t consider herself a blogger, though many of us know better  🙂 . However, I cajoled her into writing a poem for us and after fighting tooth and nail to decline the invitation, we finally got the beautiful, playful piece below. Yemie sizzles, for no other reason than that she expresses herself with everything she’s got. No holds barred. Ladies and gentlemen, presenting Yemie!

Goofing Off In Fun Lines & Rhymes

Tick-tock goes the clock
A tap and rap on my door, knock-knock
I reach out and unlock
With the strength of a Jock

‘Write me a poem’, she sweetly coos
Chuckling, I belt out a sound ‘boo hoo’
And make a quick dash for the loo

‘You aren’t wriggling free of this one Cherie’, she cajoles
‘Oh dear! Do I feel like a Felon on parole’
A pocketful of lines, I must dole
‘However did I end up in this Hellhole?’
Totally zero to the bone

Struggling I hit a brick wall
Running into writer’s block, I fall
‘Dear Lord, please help me stand tall’
As I heed this unusual call

Like a ship listing away from the dock
I put my pen to paper and take stock
If I die I die, I mock
In all, I know I am a rock

On to the tick-tock, I don’t stop
I reel out my lines so tight, it’s no doo-wop
Hitting a home run, I yell out ‘Touchdown’!
Work done, hair down I go out on the town


71 responses to “Goofing Off In Fun Lines & Rhymes… Yemie

    • That you Sweetkins had fun, whilst also reading this out loud……clinches it for me! That’s the dealbreaker and I can affirm that my job’s well done and off I go; on the town to go burst several moves, making absolute sure NOT to break anything!😂😂

      Thank you so much dear for rolling by this way to chip in these delighful train of thoughts! I remain deeply humbled! 🙇😇God bless and keep ya and all of yours! 😇😄

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  1. Wow!
    Sis Yemie o!
    Succinctly subliminal!
    This is good. No awesome!!!
    Mehn. Didn’t know you write poems too.
    And I’m just reading o!
    Amazing Sis. Real amazing.

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    • Hehehe! Thank you sooo much Jules dear, its all Zee’s doing; she bullied me writing! 😣😆

      Am just a happy camper hobnobbing with fine writers and I guess their ‘grace’ have rubbed off on me! You know nah, idea is needed….as in foyegbe!😉😃

      Thank you soooo much Jules, I plenty appreciate you swinging by this way! God bless and keep ya! 😇😄Lotsa ❤

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      • Ha ha ha!! Someone bullied YOU into writing??? ‘Bout time!
        When I hit that third stanza, it was your cajoling voice I was hearing.

        Great poem. But now you’ve ruined one of my favorite childhood songs: My Grandfather’s Clock. As it “tick-tock, tick-tock”s away in what is supposed to be a slow and dignified manner, for ninety years, without slumbering, I’ll forever instead hear the syncopated rap beats of Yemie displaying her versifying vigor.

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  2. I think I had a theme-gasm the moment your page popped-open before me. Should’ve taken the first line in my previous comment, but then the Yemmie-effect set in. *gives side eye*

    Now that you’ve decided to go beautiful all the way — beautiful post, writers,page et al; it’s fun ride continua, yeah? 🙂

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  3. We know better — nay, I know better Zee. This sizzles! Since she’s no writer or scribbler (tongue in cheek), perhaps she should be dubbed a lyricist; the type that refuses to be pressured… you know the pop-in-and-out type. A question though: who will bell the cat… I mean, the madam?

    Wheeew! Now I think I’m spewing nonsense. Pardonnez-moi.

    The comment section is something else; e no get part two. 🙂

    This is beautiful! Take it from me! Thanks for dragging her in Zee.

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    • Mon señor! Hey! Good to have you here. Looks like you went to London to see the queen abi?

      This Yemie’s piece sizzles, right? Haha. Well if she didn’t agree before now, I’m sure she does now. And with the likes of you hanging around and breathing down her neck more often, who knows what more we can accomplish 😆

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    • Holla ‘Butterfly Peddler’! Fancy seeing you here! How’re ’em Butterflies these days huh?! 👿I hope they’re still fluttering, spluttering and going ballistics! Don’t lose ’em buddy, hang on to ’em real tight; says the ‘Cat’! 🐱 Really Jojo?! Bell the Cat?! Last I checked I was supposedly a Bunny ‘Wabbit’ 🐰! However did I achieve that ‘transmutation’ ei? 😡😩Warn ya sef o! 😈😆

      Wow! Its great having you here and well, you caught me with that ‘Lyricist’ line! I used to be something of a Junkie….an enthusiast of the hip hop and rap music culture way back in the days! I was big on that genre in the 80’s when all was sane, before the East Coast, West Coast dichotomy amongst some rappers in the 90’s that eventually birthed the infamous impasse between Tupac Shakur and Notorious B.I.G; who happens to be one of my all time favorite rappers! And well, that feud took a downturn, spiralled outta control and ended up tragically! 😔 The Rap Culture has undergone some major changes nowadays, not totally appealing to me; but I still get high off of the memories of those days of old, when obscenities and violence weren’t the order of the day! 😊😄

      When Zee approached me for a poem, I relived those days and I thought…..why not make it ‘hip’, ‘funky’ and ‘fly’?! 😤😎😂

      …..aaaaand I guess it totally worked and folks be showing me a lotta luv and respec’! 😂😂 I don’t nurse a scintilla of regret doing this and its all thanks to Zee gurl; much love hon! ❤😄

      Thanks again Omo Iya, you honor me and I remain humble! Lotsa ❤, rock ye on! 😄😊

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  4. Hehehe! What’s this the oldest trick in the book or something Sagely One?! 😩😯 I mean, another poem?! Na for where you see dat one nah Bros?! 😈😆 Need I say ‘not flying’?! 👿😛😆

    Welcome back…..again Sir! I sure don’t enjoy sounding like a broken record! 😂😂😂

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  5. I totally enjoyed reading this. Boy, ‘m a sucker for rhymes, and these ones are just right off the hook. Madam Yemie has that magic gift to make tou love her without a drop of sweat. Her bits rock. No more words, looking forward to more from Her Royal Highness. 🙂

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    • Oh la la! If it isn’t the feisty, coolest and crazy talented Me giving moi the ‘props’?! 😨🙆 Madame et Royal Majesty…..Moi?! 🙊🙈I’d be sooo damned! 😈😆😂
      It does take one to know one Cupcakes and we both know what that translates to, don’t we now?! 👿😜

      Am soo sorry for running behind on my response Cupcakes, I was much too benumbed, having just learnt you not only enjoyed this piece, but T-O-T-A-L-LY did too! 😎😄Had to take a moment to launch into an undisguised bout of euphoria, that you’d actually think I just came into an obscene as in; an offensive amount and stash of cash……hit a jackpot, in a lottery I NEVER entered for! 😯What are the chances of that happening?! 😩😦’PHAT’!😂😂😂

      Thank you sooo ME, for sparing us some of your precious timein dropping off your thoughts! God bless ya Sweetkinz and soar high beyond the skies shall you, in all and every of your life’s endeavors IJN, AMEN! 😇🙇

      You do rock to high Heavens ME, you totally do too! 😊😁Lotsa ❤, Simply Yemie! 😉 *E-hugs* 😇😄

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        • Oh look👀 at that….she’s also witty, gat jokes, and a banging sense of humor I find pretty charming! 😊😄

          Yeah Cupcakes, and you should too….comment some more I mean! Wherever do you get off, keeping all of those goods to yourself huh?! 😠😡And yet, they say there’s a great deal of love in sharing! So then, its settled! The astonishing and super-cute ME shall hencefort hide away no more! She shall come on out 🌞🌟and dazzle, like the sparkling diamond 💎💎💎that she is! 😁😄

          Don’t you just love sparklies?! 💍💍💍Who can resist those??? 😄😊 And you ME, are sparkly! 💎🌟😉

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          • Lool. Yemie ma’am, ‘ll certainly run my pretty cheeks out of colour if this perssists. Haha. I will do my best to stick around more often. Too much awesomeness to pass up on.

            Rock on ma’am. And thanks for making my day with your sparkly replies. Mamamia, how can i resist you?! Haha. Cheerios.

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          • Thanks a lot for hanging out ME, you rock senseless and you darl, are awesomeness defined through and through! Many hearty cheers Cupcakes and ensure to enjoy what’s left of today! ❤😇😄

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  6. real goofing off this is, Yemie style!
    and she says she cant write eh? or that she is no writer?
    if she come sabi write nko?
    Mama Zee, please squeeze her more…only you have Yemie’s number…she can’t resist you. get her to write more…give her deadlines…

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  7. Mwahahahaha! Why aren’t I surprised you’d pull that one on me?! 😴 I’d be telling a naughty lie if I said I didn’t see that one coming! 😜😩

    Think twice huh?! No kidding, Zee?! After pussyfooting all around on thee?! 😨You really wanna go there AGAIN??? 😲😞 Who are you?! 😯😆

    Thank you all the same Grand Witch Of York, you rock senseless! ❤😎

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  8. Reblogged this on Straight From The Heart and commented:
    I simply cannot thank you enough Honeycomb, for bugging out on me till these lines were reeled out! 😈😆

    If ever there was any with the supernatural ability to make a Carpenter fly an airplane; 😔 that’d be you Cherie! You totally made a Pilot of me and here I be, soaring wayyy beyond heights untold; up above ‘blogosphere’s’ clear blue skies! 😤😎

    In light of this Sweetkinz, and in the words of the dashing Chris Ryan to the stunning Kim Bassinger in the Hollywood Blockbuster Action- Thriller ‘Cellular’….’DON’T EVER CALL ME’; 👿😜 should the need arise to churn out poetic lines in the not-too-distant future! Soaring feels soo good but am feeling kinda jetlagged right now! Call it a phobia for heights and I’d say ‘Right-ho’! 😆😆😆

    I am done strutting ma stuff on the glorious runway that’s the plenty delightsome ‘Zika’s Musings’ and am ramping off right ’bout now! Thanks again for the platform, I am bowled over and mighty honored, my dearest friend and sister! 😇 Love ya tons! ♡😇❤

    Holla Babycakes, its been forever I know! Do pardon my hang-ups and check out my first ever attempt at churning out a piece of poetry as made highly possible by none other than the most adorable Zika; who would simply not take no for an answer! 😣😩😞

    Have y’all a very fantastic rest of the week and enjoy! ❤ ♡☆

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    • 😂😂😂Hohoho! Sweetheart what can I say? Thank you for being my guest and making my day. It was really fun with those lines. Even Sueddie couldn’t help it see? Haha dearie and you still imagine I’ll let you off my hook! Nne biko think twice

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  9. Yemie ooooo!

    Thanks Ziks. You have brought her out well.

    This is quite zany and playful. .. What can one say?

    E sweet.

    Should I add anything else? 

    PS: Ziks, you know I have paid all my debts to you,  abi? I don’t owe you again o…

    From:”Zika’s Musings” Date:Wed, 16 Sep, 2015 at 11:02 Subject:[New post] Goofing Off In Fun Lines & Rhymes… Yemie

    zikaolofin posted: “My first guest post is from the beautiful Yemie. She doesn’t consider herself a blogger, though many of us know better  🙂 . However, I cajoled her into writing a poem for us and after fighting tooth and nail to decline the invitation, we finally got the”

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    • Su’eddie ooooo! Its sooo like you to bring on the drama, can’t complain though; seeing as I plenty dig it! 👿😆

      Thank you sooo much Sagely One for coming thither outta ya cocoon to play! 😊😄

      Plus, zany, playful and sweet works for me just fine! And you Sir are ‘ Ah-mazing’! Can’t thank Sweetly Zee enough for the platform as you rightly indicated in your thoughts! Rock ye on Sire, will have it no other way! 😉❤

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  10. Hello Yems, my personal submission on the poem above: chic, teasing, tantalising, hot and yemilicious! A lesson on taking the bull by the horn – ”if I die, I die, I mock.”
    Hmm. True talk sis. One can only die once abi? Principle of YODO😉😄
    Girl, ride on. Nothing mega!

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