Bridge Of Compromise – A dialogue


Subject A: Compromise is the bridge that we build to acknowledge the fact that our differences stand us apart, yet are no excuse to remain in isolated vanity. When we connect,  the chasm closes, rifts fade and between points of view, classes, cultures, ages and generations, we lose ourselves yet find a new self.

Subject B: True. But I do not wish to find this new self if I must become less good that I might make you less evil. What benefit can the dilution of good achieve?

Moderator (Zika): Dear reader, what do you think of the subject? I’d like to know your thoughts.☺

11 responses to “Bridge Of Compromise – A dialogue

  1. compromise is the only way to have meaningful and sustainable relationships. it is not a compromise of values or becoming less of one’s self; rather it is the willingness to accept that one’s views and principles aren’t the best, and even if one feels that one’s opinions are superior to another’s, to acknowledge that they aren’t the only way to view the world. That acceptance makes one humble enough to try to see the other’s perspective and to try and understand it, and to respect it (even if we don’t understand and/or agree with it).
    no one is all right or all wrong, and knowing this helps us to be willing to bend and to form meaningful relationships without losing ourselves

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  2. Compromise does not necessarily translate to settling lower than we ought to. I believe for a ‘relationship’ (whatever type) to work, there must be letting go of oneself to a certain degree , it could be in form of accepting the values of others(building understanding ), giving up certain things we love (sacrifice ) and so on to make it work .these are true attributes of Love. It is about reaching a mutual concession to reduce friction.
    Nice one Mama Zee.

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  3. Nice post Zee, at the end of the day; we realize that we all have our differences, which we oughta respect to get along and for peace sakes, without compromising on our values or being lesser than who we really are! I live by the mantra ‘ Live and Let Live’ and from whence I come; there’s an adage that says ‘ The expanse of the blue skies is such that various different species of birds can conveniently and comfortably fly, without bumping into one another’! The Universe is large enough for everyone to thrive, without any hitches! Tolerance, respect and of course love, are those qualities that makes all of the difference, in the grand scheme of things! 😃😄

    Highly intellectual, somewhat scatter-brained; yet ingenious! Love it! 😊😉

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    • 😀Truth be told sis, there really is enough space in the sky for each and every bird to fly, without bumping into another. Tolerance, certainly. And someone also said to me once that tolerance has a boundary – decency. What ya think? 😆

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      • Tolerance really does have a boundary Zee! Like I said, the blue skies has enough of a wide expanse for all to fly without bumping into one another but in the event that a person gets all up in your personal space and face, and your spirit becomes aggrieved; then it becomes a matter of grave urgency to do what’s the absolute best for yourself…whatever it is! ‘Love your neighbor as yourself, not more than yourself, so you just gotta look out for yourself first and foremost; in a situation where you find you can’t handle the pressure or tolerate whatever’s being meted out to your person! It may be dangerous to remain in a situation that’s intolerable to one and if one’s not careful in making the right decision to know that enough is enough…….one risks losing control and snapping! The end result Sweetly Zee could amount to total chaos, titanically so! The horror! 😈😆

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  4. I believe that the difficulty is rather that people use their differences to set themselves apart from others. I should think, however, that the solution lies in the direction of accepting and celebrating the diversity among us, rather than trying to become less than who we are. I am responsible for loving justice and doing acts of loving kindness; judging others is not in my “job description” as one who does not live in isolation in this universe.

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