Hospitals – havens for mosquitoes?


Today is one of those rare days when I remember that poems were not the only  thing I set out to publish, at the time I started my blog. It was actually my intent to write about anything that tickled my fancy, anything I considered worth musing about.

So, here’s me coming around, if indeed there’s to be a coming around – I’m incurably in love with poetry and no apologies, there happens to be nothing I can do about it.☺

Now, is it just me or has anyone ever noticed that the very place where we visit,  in search of a cure to our maladies,  can end up being the same place where we pick up new ones? So that you don’t wonder what I’m driving at, let me quickly be clear, that I’m talking about hospitals. Yes, hospitals and no, I’m not talking about airborne diseases or anything like the Ebola virus disease (thank God my native Nigeria is rid of it),  though these are not ruled out. I’m referring to malaria.

A few times, I have been confronted with a situation where I needed to take my children to the hospital “now now”, or else …..

On such occasions, I’ve been surprised or rather alarmed, to realise, that the interior and exterior  of these ‘havens’ are usually a den of mosquitoes.

If you are “fortunate” to be visiting at night, any exposed part of your body is subject to assault from these tiny predators while you wait your turn at the reception.  And heaven help you (not) if the doctor decides to keep you in for observation. It means you will be given a bed – the very altar on which you will be sacrificed to those little devilish opportunists that are mosquitoes.

My family has gotten so wise as to include a mosquito net as part of our hospital go-bag, just in case… and don’t you even make mention of mosquito -repellent gels and liquids. The mosquitoes in my region are mean villains,  they come at you with the determination of a mercenary.  Invincible almost. So we manage with an insecticide-treated mosquito net, although we’d prefer to do without the insecticide and related toxicity but hey, you choose the lesser of two evils!

Now I’m not saying that our hospitals are not making effort but I think more can be done. In addition to fixing mosquito nets on the windows and doors of their facilities – by the way, these windows and doors inevitably have to be opened to let in either air or visitors (mosquitoes included) 😊 – hospitals’ management should consider installing mosquito nets for each bed.

I would have proposed regular fumigation, in addition but I’m not a fan of chemicals. Surrounding vegetation has to be cleared. The drainage system has to be properly done. Whichever measures they take, they owe it to us to protect us. Or how do you explain my going to hospital to get my malaria treated, only to end up being bitten by more mosquitoes! Let’s face it. Something extra has to be done. Unless the hospitals are only paying lip service to malaria prevention.

In which case, it would be safe to refer to them as “mosquitals” and the little pests they harbour as “hospitoes.”

Now tell me, what is it like in your country?  Are hospitals doing what they should to protect you in that regard? I’d love to know.


17 responses to “Hospitals – havens for mosquitoes?

  1. Growing up, I never really thought much bout hospitals! All of that changed when the title ‘Mother’, was added to my ‘resume’! My daughter took ill a couple weeks back and was on hospital stay for three entire days and nights! It was during that stay I experienced this issue of which you make mention. I guess its true the saying that ‘we undergo experiences, we don’t just simply get to create them’! 😂😂😂

    My HMO, from outta the blues, changed and reviewed their list of hospitals most abruptly, and that’s besides the fact that we also moved house! There arose the need to settle for another facility, completely different from the one I’d had her, which was pretty spectacular and had a fantastic Air-conditioning System in place; by the way, making the incidence of mosquito invasion near impossible…totally absent! This other facility however was a different kettle of fish! Those mosquitoes had a field day getting their ‘pesky and yuck’ on! On a closer look, some of the nettings adorning the windows had gotten worn out and snapped in some really visible places! Dunno why Management and the Maintenance Department turned a blind eye to something that important to the wellbeing of their teeming patients! One thing’s for certain though, aint no friggin’ ways am I making another visit to that hellhole! Am out shopping for another facility that’s pretty up to par! Perhaps if this post had been put up before my lil stint, I’d have considered the possibility of including mosquito net in my lil hospital survival kit before heading outta my crib, its not like I was prepared for a visit to the hospital anyhow, it just kinda happened! 😂😂😂

    A most worthy topic I find this Zee, you make brain die! Double thumbs up girl! 👍😉

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    • 😀Eya sorry you had to go thru the horror of experiencing those mosquitoes. Uh! I can imagine. We got wiser after enough bites. I’m sure your pretty lil sweetkins is back up and about and you’ve definitely put that experience behind you for good. You do me well dear but just make sure you get that net. Never just know when you’ll need it.😊

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  2. Thank you TM. I can imagine. Many people have a measure of apprehension when it comes to visiting hospitals and I can understand that. Still can be a lifesaver sometimes though. So what are the other misgivings you have about them? Gist me I’m waiting. …☺


  3. Lol @ mosquitals and hospitoes, how totally suitable! Indeed Naija hospitals are a den of dragon mosquitoes… not just any kind o. The General Hospital in my home town back in Delta State is welcome abode for them. It’s like they (the mosquitals, hehehe) know that there are helpless victims for them to feast on and just hound these places… jeez!
    But honestly, that is not the only problem with hospitals this part of the world. I dread hospitals and I’m simply grateful I don’t have to frequent them.
    Nice article, Zika.

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  4. I enjoyed the piece really much but nearly rolled over reading the comments. This was thoroughly entertaining. Ah! You have great guys on your comment roll…
    You know, in secondary school, we had special mosquitoes. Trained. Insecticide became air freshener to them… Mosquito coil was their incense. When fans were turned and blankets covered, they would touch down, march forward like soldiers, lift the blankets up and have a good suck! Ahhh! Those mosquitoes! But who knows, maybe their relations are the ones in all the hospitals, eh?

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  5. There is generally a high standard set for all health providers. I’ ll say they all try to adhere but patients are mostly at risk of ecoli or uti where d hygiene level is poor. Especially the elderly.

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  6. In my country, mosquitoes welcome you at the entrance of some hospitals and have a little civil chat with you.

    Pa ‘Quito: *in shrill voice* Welcome! The Doc will attend to the maladies my distant cousins have caused you…

    Patient: *Sighs*

    Ms. ‘Quito: …we’ll keep you entertained while you’re at it.

    Something tells me we’re in the same country.

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