Suffer Me To Be

Me – life’s eternal tutee
A sudden awakening
My rude new reality
Taking lessons everyday
On the Art Of Living
Patience and rough truth
Sometimes winning
Oft-times balking
When big tests hit
Braving the weather
Yet cowering at the heat
I’m only human
Product of earth
You must suffer me
To be the earthling
Mortal that I am


8 responses to “Suffer Me To Be

  1. Yeah, sometimes we need to stop being so hard on ourselves…
    we can only do so much…
    our best is all we have to give, and sometimes, that is not even good enough…


  2. Totally love the lingo you adopted here Zee, and the desperation the Narrator feels, in trying to reach or perhaps find a common ground, a commonality, or an ‘understanding’ with Life, to deal gently as it were, in which case it’d be said to be an entity perhaps?! That’s pretty creative, kinda silly but you know me….being silly’s what am ’bout! 😈😆

    Hilarious but it does ring true and many a mortal can relate with this phenomenon that’s the school of life! Nice one Zee, way to go! 👌😄

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