You are my oasis from a day unmarked
Where I seep on some hot days
Times I fear the water may dry
You waiver also, when you look into my eyes
To stop your own fears

But when I hold your hands under the shade
Grateful for these moments
I try not to worry the water may dry
Like this world, waiver and fault
But it is fear, fear dries the eternal

A poem by Iheanyi C. Idimogu
Iheanyi is a Lawyer, based in Lagos, Nigeria
He loves to write.

11 responses to “Oasis

  1. Am absolutely feeling this beautifully worded piece of poetry! Plus, with all bets off of the table, especially with the prevailing situation of things, evident from his titke of choice, ‘Oasis’; he still braves all with his beloved and both of them do away with their fears and anxiety anyhow! I find that really inspiring! πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜„

    I also agree with the Poet’s line of thoughts to live in and for the moment, allowing for the chips to fall wherever they may, notwithstanding! Worrying and thinking bout what could possibly go wrong will only strip and rob us of all the many joys and pleasures a moment will bring! Fear’s a downer, but even as imposing as it is, hope is much more stronger!

    Kudos to Iheanyi, an optimist he looks to me….cool runnings! πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘And thanks for sharing too Honeycomb, you both rock for reals! β€πŸ˜ƒ

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    • Aw. Thanks Yemie. I’ll surely let Iheanyi know that you and all ‘ em sweet people out there love and appreciate his poem. He does have some more and I am trying to convince him to share☺.
      Only thing is, he rarely comes out to play. But when he does, I’m sure he’ll respond to all of the love that is shown for his poem. Thanks sis. You are the ‘man.’πŸ‘

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  2. Iheanyi is good. I like the way his words flowed. Life can be really risky and love far more so. But in the end having that one person makes the difference. I feel like making some calls now sef πŸ™‚

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