Averse to Adversity?

Adversity – the adverse enemy
To which we should be averse
Save for our affinity sometimes
For not-so-colourful tones
Shades of reality that would rather
We be entwined in their grip
And so fight we must
Or else be vanquished
Although a certain prize awaits
This hope must not vanish.


7 responses to “Averse to Adversity?

  1. Lovely piece, sweetly and wisely worded! More than half the time, life presents us with several tests and trials! Am guessing that’s life’s way of moving us from one level of glory to another, if we just hang in there and excel beyond expectation as opposed to rolling over and taking the wrap! Lou Holtz says ‘It isn’t the weight of the load that breaks us down, but the manner by which we carry it’! Our attitude and approach towards life’s adversities will go a long way in helping us keep our hopes alive in beating life at its own game, emerging victorious and coming up tops! Thanks for this Zee, its totally worth pondering ’bout! Wisdom multiplied Sweets! ❤😉

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