Pretense Sleep


A little birdling’s cheep
Is oft the “nudge” I need
To wake me up at morn
And leave my bed forlorn

Beep goes my clock. Beep. Beep.
The snooze button I hit
For, yes, pretend I must
In  deep, long sleep to be

I tiptoe to the door
A peep at you to steal
I see you gulp your coffee
Watch you head out the door

My own relief I hear
A sigh escapes my mouth
You always want to say your piece
Than nurture us some peace

A nagging wife, who can find?
Her trouble’s far from rubies
Her husband’s heart at her doth flinch
He’ll have no lack of pain.

18 responses to “Pretense Sleep

  1. I love this bit! The way you used your words read like something from an ancient time. Haha. I love your poems– everyone of it! And I love your blog. Can I stay? Hehe.

    Welldone ma’am!

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  2. I traced this site from long-aways I cannot explain and now I am glad I did. Tis late now and I must go to bed but I shall surely keep coming back. Sometimes visibly, most times, in the shadows.

    A nice poem, Zik, I saw it happening… and that I suppose it’s the goal.

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  3. A really nicely composed piece of poetry! I stumbled upon a quote by Michel de montaigne of late that goes thus…’A good marriage would be between a blind wife and a deaf husband’, and I just laughed cause its soo true! There’s no perfect union anywhere but once communication lines are kept open between couples, then having a near perfect union’s just a stone throw away!

    Nice one Zee, I learnt a new word…’Cheep’ as opposed to ‘Chirp’, that I knew! Love it! 😁😊

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      • May words permit me to express my thoughts. Amen.

        That “Nagging wife” used to be that loving lovely girl he could not do without. Has he ever stopped to wonder what brought about the transformation? Cause and effect. Action and reaction. That labelling “nagging wife”

        Thanks ‘word’. Though i could do with few more😀

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        • Wow! I love this honest point of view Amity. Cause and effect. Action and reaction. Hmm. Lesson of the day: if you want to have peace in your household, by all means, sow peace. Touché. ☺

          But sometimes, I just wonder if those men, who complain of nagging wives, actually do so for no reason.😐😏

          Well, at the end of the day, the couple must individually check their actions and correct whatever they’re not doing right. Ou bien?

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