Friday Duet


I love music. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. However there’s a certain impact that music has on me when it’s a duet. Is it the harmony, the sheer beauty and the heavenliness of it or the honesty of the singing pair as they pour out their souls for their audience, as if on a platter? Or perhaps the fact that many of them are love songs? I think it’s all of that and more.

Now I don’t know anything of the works that go into making music, whatever the form, nor do I understand the mechanics of a duet. But I think that shouldn’t be a requisite for me to enjoy it and just go with the flow.

I recently stumbled on Andrea Bocelli’s pieces and he has got quite a few duets performed with outstanding female singers. I’ll leave you to enjoy this duet of Andrea Bocelli performed with Laura Pausini And no, this is not a love song, though it looks like one. It’s a song that reminds me, despite my many struggles, not to forget to “really live,” to give thanks and to help others too, because they also are struggling. So  as you enjoy this, (see embedded you tube video above), do not forget to Dare To Live.






2 responses to “Friday Duet

  1. The most versatile Zee gurl! Totally enjoyed the duet by the songstress and the maestro that is Andrea Bocelli! He does remind me of another greater legend, though late now; his name….Pavarotti! Duets are ethereal like you rightly pointed out especially when done by the doyens of the stage and music connoiseur like Celine Dion, Barbara Streissand, Diana Ross et al! Amongst my all time favorite duets are ‘Endless Love’, ‘You’re Everything’ and there’s this other one Celine did with the Bee Gees that’s positively unforgettable! For me, music’s life! 😊😀

    The part of this duet that struck me is the lyric ‘ Give yourself to others till there’s nothing left to give’! That’s a very powerful message! The grave’s said to be the most fertile and richest place upon the Earth wherein lies a countless number of people, who died without optimizing and maximizing their God given talents; which oughta have been emptied and exhausted before they passed! That’s such a grim discovery! Giving and living each day as if its our last; regardless of our circumstances and lots; oughta be our highest priority! Only then can we beat our chest and say we’ve really did live! Thanks for sharing Zee! 😉😄

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