Power Blackout; or, Apocalypse Now

Hello dear readers. Hope your Sunday is unfolding beautifully. I found this piece of humor on Mara Eastern’s website and thought to share with you. I love her approach here to those less-than-desirable situations in life.
To Mara, I would suggest (not) a trip to Naija -short slang for Nigeria – where we, like the 4 horsemen, ride on this daily apocalypse. We bathe in it everyday and it’s really nothing. Once you’re born, the orientation program begins. Any contrary opinions?😅

Mara Eastern

I grew up in a one-street village situated (in)conveniently at the bottom of a valley surrounded by woods and wine. Whoever founded the settlement was clearly wasted: while the sunny slopes of the hills did provide a nice site to plant grape vine, rain water tended to flow down the slopes and flood the village on the regular. I also blame said village founder, deceased since about the Middle Ages, for not foreseeing that the villagers of the future will be addicted to electricity and won’t be chuffed with the frequent power blackouts for whose frequent occurrence in the valley there is a scientific explanation which I don’t remember.

The village natives took the blackouts with a stiff upper lip, though they weren’t even British. My mother looms large in my memory as the candle fairy – not to be confused with candy fairy – as she roamed the rooms…

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