Missed Opportunities

Her eyes brushed through each delicate finger on her left hand and settled on the ring finger. It was clad in the most beautiful adornment she had ever seen. She smiled. How unbelievable can life get?

On this day last year, she was broke, jobless, deserted and distraught. She had missed her flight to a job interview, hence lost the chance of a lifetime. The love of her life had eloped with his cousin, three days to their wedding. And her mother had a stroke shortly thereafter.

The man who was now shaving in the bathroom of their hotel room had spotted her at the hospital, while she cared for her mother. He wouldn’t rest on his oars until she agreed to be his wife, immediately conferring her with the erstwhile vacant position of vice-chairman in his group of farms.

The bathroom door opened and she turned. “Good morning, chérie,” he beamed. She smiled again, walked towards him and wrapped him with the warmest embrace. “Bonjour chéri.”

She was happy. True, she didn’t know what the future would bring and yes, she had been to the abyss and back but she knew that between missed opportunities and better outcomes, there was hope and despair, calm and disquiet, soreness and wellness, tears and  laughter. There was penury, want, loneliness. There was harsh reality. And then, there was life!

6 responses to “Missed Opportunities

  1. Some disappointments are actually blessings in disguise! I oughta just say good riddance to bad rubbish to those who stabbed her in the back; but her mum paid with her life and that’s one eventuality she wouldn’t forget in a hurry! She musta definitely been crushed and felt completely let down by the one she’d loved with all of her being; who went on to breaking her heart and shattering her hopes and dreams for a glorious future, plus taking away the one person that musta meant everything to her!

    People come into our lives for two reasons: as blessings or lessons! I love that she picked herself up again in the nick of time, in pursuit of happiness, to finding that happy ending, everyone’s truly deserving of! Not an easy feat I’d say, learning to trust again after a betrayal of that scale and magnitude! But then, life goes on still, with its highs and lows, twists and turns! Faith in the Almighty, and hope for a better tomorrow; keeps us going!

    Nicely penned Zee, ease of flow with words of wisdom….life lessons richly embedded and summed up in the last few lines! The wheel of life’s full of times and seasons….good, bad, ugly and darnright evil! May the tides and times be kind to us all IJN, AMEN! Kudos! 👍😉

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  2. Hmmm.
    Life’s true tale.
    Some people have it easy. At the tip of their fingers.
    While others sweat it out before they could even get a crumb from life.
    While still yet, others sweat it out, and still get nothing.
    Such is life…
    Nice piece my Lady Zee.

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    • You’re right lady Julianah. But we must never give up hope. We must never give up on our selves or on life no matter how bleak things seem to be. Every cloud has a silver lining. Thanks for breezing by dear☺


      • True that my Lady. True that.
        But sometimes, the wariness is so overwhelming that, to put a leg before the other takes greater effort than snapping one’s fingers.
        But then. We must press forward by all means….


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