‘Sweet’ Find

She stared, then blinked several times mouth agape, at the most embarrassing drama just unfolding before her eyes! Segun her husband stole a quick glance at their guests, who each looked away either out of  embarrassment for their utterly bewildered hosts or to hide the laughter that was just refusing to be stifled and would soon give them away.

Standing in all of her innocence before them was 3-year old Tonye, their hosts’ brilliant daughter, brandishing something  in abject i-told-you-mum defiance. A tongue-tied Preye bit her lip.

10 minutes earlier Tonye,  her daughter,  had nagged and nagged her for a wrap of Tom-tom sweet. Preye had refused, because it was bedtime already. Besides, she was totally against going to bed with a sweet in her mouth – a complete no-no in their family’s dental regimen.

Several more ‘harassments’ after and Preye ordered her daughter to bed with one mean look of gavel-like finality. Slam! The defeated young lady sulked her way upstairs to her room. Or so she thought.

Until she returned defiantly with her ‘sweet’ find. ”Mummy I won’t give you my sweet,” she taunted in her slightly musical voice. She then turned towards her daddy and implored him to help her open this ‘sweet.’ When mummy turned to look at her little girl’s spoil, there it was: a tired-looking, teeth-battered but still intact wrap of unused Durex! The ‘contingency plan’ that had never left the ‘shores’ of her handbag. Until now.

8 responses to “‘Sweet’ Find

  1. Uh gurl, I’d give ANYTHING to be at that party if only to just behold the looks on the faces of the parents! 😂😂

    This is real nasty and nice Honeycomb…..nicety for short, I like, a WHOLE lot! *nodding affirmatively* 😈😄😉

    Need I say your attempt at churning out a flash is tight?! I think not! 😜😛😃

    You absoolutely did great justice to this! I mean ‘Sweet Find’?! That’s a vewi nawty title, am totally feeling the pun there! Let’s face it Zee, the Durex may not exactly be ‘Candy’, for the lil precocious Tonye, but it sure as heck is for mummy dearest and I do hope dad was also in on this whole Durex business lodged and found in mummy’s handbag; otherwise, Tonye may have just successfully jeopardized her parents’ union by her innocent rebellious act and gung-ho quest to have a candy treat! The horror!!! 😨😕 And if that be the case, I say…..Mummy has some SERIOUS explaining to do! Alakoba someborri ni Tonye yen sha, chai! 😆😂

    Lets have some more flashes mon amie, this truly sizzles hot 💣💣💣by many degrees! Well done!!! 👏👍❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I can’t laugh😂
    I don’t ever want to be in her shoes.😂
    You are very creative Zee mama
    And there is this peace i feel every time I visit your blog.(i think i read your works with the voice of a dove😃😃😃)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!! OMG!
    I just couldn’t stop laughing!
    Wow! Sweet find indeed! Lol.
    Nice piece lady Zee. Hilariously entertaining. Smiles…

    Liked by 1 person

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