Fine until tonight

Mama o!
Come quickly o!
Something happened to me tonight!
Something tells me I was conned

Mama o!
Come quickly o!
You said it was alright o!
Tonight I would become a woman

Mama o!
I will not call you a liar o!
But you never said there’d be pain
Or that I’d be ripped open

Mama o!
You swore to me!
Oga Chachu’s wives would take care of me
They would be my mothers and aunties

Papa o!
I will not call you a thief o!
But did you just sell away my innocence
In exchange for beer, yams and a goat?

I have been robbed o!
Help o! Somebody! Anybody!
I was fine until tonight o!
Then he took away what’s mine.

18 responses to “Fine until tonight

  1. I paid close attention to the voice of the girl, and I can tell she’s still very young and unprepared for “womanhood”. Poverty is what moved her father to give her away so early, and to a man that has already acquired wives before her. What a pity! Even her parents are so ashamed to speak, that they remain so mute!


  2. Poor girl, unprepared for her sudden entry into womanhood!
    Mama was trying to protect her baby from the horror, hoping against hope that things will be fine. Perhaps mama was lucky with papa… or perhaps she just told the girl what she had to cos what she really wanted to say stuck to her throat….


  3. In as much as tried to laugh off this beautifully, absolutely dramatic and highly unsafe masterpiece of a poetic composition; something caught in my throat and I choked on it! Needless to say, that its a pretty cramp-styling, bone-chilling, and gut-twisting situation, this disease, plague; syndrome; whatever in the heck its called, that’s come to stay and has plain refused to vanish and go away! A by-product of poverty and the ‘joy’ of being a girl child in some cultures, spread across the globe! Some parents though……πŸ˜”πŸ˜­

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  4. Yes, happens all the time…(even here in a America -quick exchange ) wonderful stories you tell… I love the intensive language placed on the O’s -..I come here often to read your work…Your have a gift…

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