Lifted Veils


He lifted her veil
Spirit afloat
Plunged into the abyss
Of her soul divine
Through eternal gateways
Ethereal eyes
Uncharted territories
Unearthed secrets
E’en for a moment
The first of many happinesses

She ”lifted his veil”
In total surrender
Sweetly revealing
His inmost weakness
Gently commanding
To yield of his ego
Softly burrowing
The masculine defense
Uprooting truths
Erstwhile entrenched
Saintly secrets that
Will never stay the same


6 responses to “Lifted Veils

  1. Lifted veils is a beautifully crafted piece of poetry, these lines are surreal and the whole piece in its entirety I find pretty amorous, tickles pink! I adore it loadz! 😊

    Keep on bringing it Honeycomb! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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