Day 9 – Question

The prompt for day 9 was quite interesting : to write something in the line of visual poetry. Wikipedia defines Visual Poetry as ”poetry or art in which the visual arrangement of text, images and symbols is important in conveying the intended effect of the work.”

So here’s my submission. How did I do?☺

                          I ask
                  again: why do we
              ask? To find answers
           to the object of our wonder-   
           ment? Nay,        not always,
           for some                have answers
           but seek                   to feed their
           vanity.                          What and
                                                  to whom
                                                  do we   
                                                   ask? To
                                                   me, it      
                                                  seems, to
                                           that, there
                                        was never
                                  a consensus.
                                 No right
                        no wrong
                   say some.
                   Indeed, in
                    my bias,
                    could be

                    from the

10 responses to “Day 9 – Question

  1. Wow! You did perfect! Sheer brill! Need you REALLY ask? 😞Well, now you know! 😛😊👏

    You pulled off the visual, with the lettering of the poem impeccably alligned in qestion mark form and symbol, whilst also attempting to address and seek the answers to the questions you posed! This is amazing and yes, I agree with your seemingly bias and I often times wonder….’What’s the truth?’ ‘What’s the yardstick for determining what the absolute truth is?’ ‘Who made the rules?’ ‘Who calls the shots?’ Tough ei? 😔😂

    Bottomline….you nailed this absolutely Zee, you go gurl! 👍

    Liked by 1 person

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