Day 8 – First Impressions



That night
When you danced
The maiden dance
And I would not take a first look
It was that I might question
Your boldness
Your dare
To appear before me unsightly

This night
There’s no dance
No festival,  no cheer
I seek that I might find no other but you
And to question how that scar is a fallout
Of your feminine valor
This I’d rather have
Than a thousand maidens worth of cowardice

5 responses to “Day 8 – First Impressions

  1. An ‘absooolutely romantic composition, mighty compelling!

    A maiden, a shrinking violet; innocent, untapped and full of promises and a man; besotted with her, finally getting a chance to be with her, away from the maddening crowd and other distractions! Simply put; magical….that moment in time, memorable and truly unforgettable! 😊

    Well done Zee, I love this! ❤😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s the “power of Love” at first glance. Beauty actually lies in eyes of the beholder. And you know what? Different beauties strike different personalities! It depends on what works for who! Good One!

    Liked by 1 person

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