Day 4 – Question of Materiality

Significance, or lack of it
Does it matter if you take me for granted?
Distraction, a shift in priorities
That’s how I know if and what I matter
In this game of relevance
You and I both understand it’s a question of materiality
The distinction between substance and mirage
The honesty to admit our lack of innocence


5 responses to “Day 4 – Question of Materiality

  1. This is some really deep composition Zee! Stumbled upon a quote lately that goes a lil something like……’Its pretty easy to take a good woman for granted, but wait for it…..its a lot easier still; to lose her altogether…..for good! In life, Noel Jones, a fine American Preacher cum writer affirms in his bestselling book entitled ‘God will make you laugh’; that besides our basic needs for food and shelter, there’s also that desperation to be loved, wanted and needed! It comes with the territory of being human, so I say; noone deserves to be taken for granted; we all are pretty relevant in even the littlest of ways! Afterall; Christ DID die for all; didn’t He?! 😈😉

    Nice one gurl, wisdom multiplied! ✌👏💖


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